ONTOFORCE and Ghent University launch a new innovative ‘text mining’ project

ONTOFORCE secures an exclusive license on the 'Smart Documents' technology of Ghent University. Together, they launch a new innovative ‘text mining’ project for semi- and unstructured data. The intention is to distill relevant insights from such data for the life sciences industry. KUDOS is an R&D project (Research & Development Project) supported by the Agency for Innovation & Enterprise (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) of the Flemish Government. The project will last a year and will be accompanied by a grant of one million euros.

KUDOS stands for 'Knowledge from Unstructured Data Outlaying Semantics' and aims to unlock insights from semi- and unstructured data. Specific algorithms and models will be developed to enrich ontologies.

With the project, ONTOFORCE and the Database Document & Content Management (DDCM) research group of Ghent University aim to make text documents (e.g. clinical reports) searchable. Specific terminologies (e.g. diseases, treatments) will be systematically recognized as well as how they interact. The new technology will then be built into the semantic search platform DISQOVER. As such, both structured and unstructured data will be fully searchable.


More insights through data

Data published through web pages, digital documents and Excel files contain valuable information, but they are often difficult to reach, link and combine. ONTOFORCE and DDCM now combine forces to unlock information from unstructured data sources. Smart Documents – the text mining platform developed by DDCM – allows users to extract information from large and diverse documents in a structured and qualitative manner. DISQOVER – the semantic search platform developed by ONTOFORCE – will now – thanks to the KUDOS project – structure this information and turn it into searchable data. ONTOFORCE has secured the exclusive rights to exploit, commercialize and integrate the technology into its DISQOVER platform.

ONTOFORCE CEO Hans Constandt: "An estimated 80% of all data worldwide is unstructured. By means of ‛text mining’ and ‛crawling’ we can search and automatically analyze unstructured files. This can greatly enhance and accelerate the research into new medicines. In the long run, this will also afford many opportunities to other industries."

"In our Database Document & Content Management research group at Ghent University we have a long tradition of supporting our information society," says Antoon Bronselaer, professor at DDCM UGent. "Our research on data integration, flexible querying and quality management can help organizations solve limitations in tapping their data sources. Often, historical choices in the design or the quality of the inputted data can hamper continued use. Overcoming these obstacles in a controlled, automated and qualitative manner is the core of our research."

The KUDOS project runs until mid-2018. This Flemish innovation project is accompanied by a grant of €1,050,000. Within the agreement, the intellectual property rights are transferred to ONTOFORCE.



ONTOFORCE is a Belgian company that develops groundbreaking semantic search technologies. Its user-friendly search platform DISQOVER makes unique links between data sources, enabling everyone to be a data scientist.  

ONTOFORCE enjoys support from renowned research institutes such as iMinds, UCSD (University of California, San Diego), MIT and the Harvard Catalyst Group.



About Database Document & Content Management - Ghent University

DDCM is the research group of Ghent University with over 40 years’ experience in advanced data management technology. The group conducts research into data quality techniques, data source integration, decision support and text analysis. Our aim is to contribute to the improvement of the functionality and facilities of information management systems within companies and organizations.

DDCM is a member of i-KNOW UGent, an innovation cluster in intelligent information management, which hereby outsources its ninth technology platform to business.




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