Galapagos increases share capital through warrant exercises


Galapagos NV (Euronext & NASDAQ: GLPG) announces a share capital increase arising from warrant exercises.

Galapagos issued 52,030 new ordinary shares on 20 June 2017, for a total capital increase (including issuance premium) of €631,898.90.


Pursuant to the warrant exercise program of Galapagos' executive committee, executive committee members automatically are committed to exercise a minimum number of warrants, subject to certain conditions. In accordance with the rules of this program, CEO Onno van de Stolpe exercised 15,000 warrants. Two other executive committee members exercised an aggregate number of 10,000 warrants. In addition to Onno van de Stolpe, one other board member exercised 3,780 warrants.


In accordance with Belgian transparency legislation[1], Galapagos notes that its total share capital currently amounts to €275,135,922.48, the total number of securities conferring voting rights is 50,867,678, which is also the total number of voting rights (the "denominator"), and all securities conferring voting rights and all voting rights are of the same category. The total number of rights (warrants) to subscribe to not yet issued securities conferring voting rights is 3,317,307, which equals the total number of voting rights that may result from the exercise of these warrants. Galapagos does not have any convertible bonds or shares without voting rights outstanding.



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