pi partners up to raise awareness on early-onset dementia

The Ghent-based life sciences consultancy firm pi is proud to announce partnerships with both the Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen and the Ligue Alzheimer ASBL. The partnerships will focus on personal support towards the people diagnosed with early onset dementia, their caregivers and family as well as supporting events concerning early-onset dementia and raising awareness amongst the community.

“This initiative comes from our will to help people. As a company that serves the life sciences industry we feel that we need to do more and reach out to people diagnosed with early-onset dementia. We want to support them in any way possible, help them to stay active and involved. Early-onset dementia has a huge impact on the lives of people we usually don’t associate with loss of memory of cognitive functions. Through these partnerships, we hope to make a difference, help the people with early-onset dementia and raise awareness on the issue , ” expresses Patrick Leyseele, the managing director and founder of pi.


Early-onset dementia affects people younger than 65. Most people generally don’t look for dementia in younger people. Regularly, symptoms like forgetfulness, lack of concentration and other subtle changes in behaviour are incorrectly attributed to stress or other personal issues. In Belgium alone, the number of people with early-onset dementia varies between 3,000 and 12,000.


One of the initiatives pi has committed to is the 6th Annual Meeting for Early-onset dementia. This yearly event focuses on persons with early-onset dementia and their family and caretakers. The primary purpose of the meeting is to let the attendees exchange experiences and connect with each other. The program offers the participants several workshops and useful lectures. A second project is still to be finalised and will focus on housing specifically designed for people with early onset dementia.


“It is our desire and hope that with this initiative and our personal commitment we will succeed in raising awareness and move people around us to support people with early-onset dementia as well as their caretakers, “concludes Patrick.



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