Ecosynth moves to new laboratories


After years on the site of Plassendale Chemie in Ostend, EcoSynth recently moved to new laboratories. Of necessity, as space constraints inhibited further growth, but also from strategic consideration with the aim of operating closer to chemical and pharmaceutical clients in Flanders. Retrofitting of existing factory premises was chosen as the most cost-effective option, particularly since a highly suitable site was found in Deinze near Ghent.

After thorough planning with the support of experienced partners, the entire operation from initial construction work to startup of lab activity was completed in a record 4 months. Now, with a fully functioning lab, we are very proud of the result. Free concrete construction elements provide an industrial character that seamlessly combines with the stylish and durable steel laboratory infrastructure. But above all, priority was to guarantee a safe working environment for our scientists. The intelligent HVAC system automatically controls evacuation of fumehood atmosphere with concomitant fresh air supply. Still ecological impact is low by extra investment in heat recovery (up to 80%) from evacuated air. Beside the laboratory infrastructure, design of pleasant and stimulating office and reception spaces received considerable attention.

Undoubtedly, this state-of-the-art infrastructure catalyzes the further development of contract research services. Moreover, it is an important step in the elaboration of activities dedicated to the life sciences industry, particularly in the field of design and synthesis of molecules for the pharmaceutical and related industries.



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