GAMIAN-Europe & CMAST announce collaborative partnership


GAMIAN-Europe & CMAST announce collaborative partnership aiming innovative healthcare solutions by bridging the gap between the patient organization’s needs and other partners.

Pan European patient-driven organization

GAMIAN-Europe is a patient-driven pan-European organization, representing the interests of persons affected by mental illness. They are the voice of European mental health patient organization and focus on advocacy, information and education, anti-stigma and discrimination, patients’ rights, co-operation, partnerships and capacity building.


CMAST believes that patients should be at the center in the co-creation of new healthcare solutions. Partnering with GAMIAN-Europe will therefore lead to a win-win situation, bridging the gap between the patient organization’s needs and other partners required to develop and/or fund new innovative projects.


“Through this partnership, CMAST underlines its engagement in supporting patient organizations and creating innovative healthcare solutions together with academia and industry partners. Especially in the domain of mental health, where there’s still a lot of unawareness in society, we want to listen to patients and see how we can make a difference in their life”

Says Glenn Van Dael, CEO and Founder of CMAST.


Focus on grant application and feasibility

The partnership will focus on helping GAMIAN-Europe translate their strategy into tangible projects and collaborations by assisting with grant application and feasibility, consortium design and project management.


Kurt Hertogs, Chief Innovation and Operations at CMAST:


“Recognizing good ideas and connecting them with the right people, the right tools at the right moment, is essential to develop innovative patient-centric solutions. We believe that through this partnership both GAMIAN-Europe and CMAST are better equipped to deliver upon this promise”.


Digital professionalization

In addition, CMAST will develop GAMIAN-Europe’s new website, which will launch in 2018, and together an innovation lab workshop will be organized to assist the development of a mood app.


As part of the partnership, CMAST was represented at the GAMIAN-Europe Annual Convention, held in Budapest on September 22-24, 2017. The purpose of the meeting was to define ways to improve the digital capacity of mental health organizations. These organizations currently focus on websites, newsletters and Facebook, but struggle to take their digital communication to the next level, hindered by a lack of human and financial resources. You can read more about the event in the report here .


“We see this partnership with CMAST as a way to develop new and innovative programmes that will benefit those impacted by mental health issues”,


concludes Hilkka Kärkkäinen, President of GAMIAN-Europe.





CMAST, with headquarters in Temse (Belgium), is a consultancy and project management company active in Healthcare and Life Sciences. The major goal of CMAST is to contribute to the creation and development of innovative healthcare solutions. We have a real impact on people’s life through project management and consultancy, accelerating healthcare solutions to society.  

We engage with teams of large pharmaceutical organizations, advanced biotechnology teams, or academic research projects or consortia. Through a best-practice project management approach and the offering of other value-added services we drive the outcome of our client’s projects and consortia to meaningful outcomes. We set up and manage strategic collaborations in multi stakeholder landscapes to develop innovative health solutions.

Founded in 2008, CMAST has a current staff of some 100 employees, with satellite locations in Switzerland, Germany, Poland and the United States. CMAST was recently nominated for the third time by Trends magazine as a Trends Gazelle and received the East Flanders SME award “UNIZO KMO Laureaat Oost-Vlaanderen 2016-2017”.


About GAMIAN Europe

GAMIAN-Europe, a patient-driven pan-European organization, represents the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocates for their rights.’

GAMIAN-Europe was established in 1998 as a representative coalition of patient organizations. Putting the patient at the center of all issues of the EU healthcare debate, the organization aims to bring together and support the development and policy influencing capacity of local, regional and national organizations active in the field of mental health.

Patients can and should play an effective and complementary role in developing positive and proactive policies and other initiatives with an impact on mental health issues. GAMIAN-Europe, as an informed and effective advocate, is seeking to become a powerful and trusted point of reference for the main EU institutions and other organizations and stakeholders seeking the views of patients.



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