MyCartis appoints Philippe Stas as CEO

The Belgium based immuno-diagnostic company MyCartis announced today it has strengthened its management team by appointing Philippe Stas as CEO and Hilde Windels as Executive Chair.

Prior to joining MyCartis, Mr. Stas was CEO of Trinean, a life science tools company specialized in quality control of biological samples. Over the past 20 years, Philippe held several management roles at Perkin Elmer, Algonomics, Lonza, and currently serves on the Board of ImmunXperts. Philippe has a solid scientific knowledge in biotechnology and bioinformatics, combined with managerial and business development skills.


Philippe Stas commented:


“I am excited to join the Mycartis team at this stage. Our platform offers our partners a unique real-time multiplex immuno-diagnostics technology. We provide fast and highly sensitive assays with a large dynamic range. Currently, Mycartis focusses its product development in the fields of (immuno-)oncology and autoimmune diseases.”


Over the past 6 years, Hilde Windels was respectively CFO and co-CEO at Biocartis, where she still serves as a board member. Mrs. Windels is also Board member of Ablynx, Erytech and VIB.


“In June, Mycartis concluded its 10 million EUR C- round allowing the company to further develop its diagnostic platform Evalution and make it available to partners.” stated Hilde Windels.




MyCartis is a privately held immunodiagnostics company, aiming to provide robust solutions running fast and highly sensitive assays in order to assess the patient’s biomarker signature.


The shareholders of MyCartis include of Biovest (Rudi Mariën), Valiance group (Jan Pensaert), PRESS RELEASE Opdorp Finance (Annie Vereecken), Biotech Fonds Vlaanderen (PMV), Korys (Colruyt).


To this end, MyCartis developed an innovative, unique and proprietary platform called Evalution®, enabling to assess patients’ immune system responses by providing precise and personalized novel clinical information for the benefit of researchers and clinicians.


MyCartis is preparing to commercialize its platform for both researchers as well as clinical Dx applications, and progresses its proprietary assay pipeline.


About Evalution®


To serve the research community, MyCartis engages in opportunities with companies aiming to develop their own applications on the Evalution® platform.


Furthermore, MyCartis develops and validates novel applications with simpler assay formats and unique biomarkers for a range of diseases.


The Evalution® platform with Dynamic Multi-Analyte Technology (DMAT®) inside, provides a unique multiplex biomarker platform for the integrated analysis of your biomarkers. DMAT® utilizes proprietary disk-shaped microparticles that are used as reaction micro-carriers that are actually reaction-microcarriers. Each family of microparticles carries a unique code and can be functionalized with specific proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids or other molecules.


Next to measuring the abundance of specific antibodies toward specific antigens or allergens, DMAT® also allows to quickly assess the potency of those antibody populations in a crude sample. Therefore, the platform offers possibilities for monitoring immune responses and antibody capacity.


With its Evalution® platform, MyCartis provides an open technology and software, enabling custom development and straightforward deployment of multiplex assays by laboratories with R&D or clinical focus. Thanks to the optimized binding kinetics in the microfluidic channels and to the fact that all binding reactions can be followed in real-time, DMAT® provides the perfect platform to assess binding interactions. 



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