pi life sciences consultancy launches Music For Life-campaign to lift the taboo on young dementia


Young people affected by dementia often have it very difficult. On top of their own personal struggle, they are regularly confronted with prejudice and a lack of understanding from the outside world. pi wants to break the taboo surrounding young dementia by launching a Music For Life-campaign this autumn. Through the initiative, pi aims to create more understanding for young dementia and those affected by it.

In the months to come, the employees of the Belgian consulting company will be selling pins to raise funds for the Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen and the Ligue Alzheimer, the two organisations pi teamed up with earlier this year. The campaign aims to raise more awareness of the personal struggle people with young dementia face. By selling pins, pi wants to invite people to wear their pin and help bring the issue more in the public eye.

‘We tend to associate dementia with the elderly. Young, active people affected by dementia often face prejudice and a lack of understanding. The only way we can break the taboo on young dementia is by raising more awareness and have people talk about it more openly,’ explains Patrick Leyseele, CEO and founder of pi.


‘Since the foundation of pi, I have always focussed on putting people at the centre of our organisation. That is why I think it’s important that we also engage ourselves on a social level. We truly hope this campaign will help to give people with young dementia a much-needed voice.’

More information on pi’s Young Dementia Awareness engagement www.3-14.com/YoungDementiaAwareness


On young dementia
Young dementia refers to people younger than 65 affected by dementia. The changes observed in the brain are the same as with other forms of dementia. Because of their young age, people with young dementia are usually more aware of their situation and limitations. In many cases, this leads to feelings of frustrations and powerlessness. Estimates indicate that in Belgium alone, up to 12,000 people are affected by young dementia.

Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen
The Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen vzw is a patient- and volunteer organisation founded in 1995. The organisation focusses on providing additional support to people with dementia, their caregivers and their family. The organisation represents the Flemish wing of the National Alzheimer Liga.


Ligue Alzheimer ASBL
The Ligue Alzheimer ASBL represents the Walloon wing of the National Alzheimer Liga. The organisation offers information and support to people confronted with dementia. In doing so, they want to enable both patients and their loved ones to remain autonomous and independent.


pi is a Belgium-based consulting firm providing strategic support to the life sciences industry. Founded in 2004 by Patrick Leyseele, the company provides project based, platform based and outsourcing services to some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.



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