SelectMDx Cost-effective in Four European Countries

MDxHealth SA (Euronext: MDXH.BR) worldwide leading in molecular diagnostics for urologic cancers, today announces that a study validating the cost-effectiveness of SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer, a non-invasive 'liquid biopsy' test to identify patients at increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer, has been published online by the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.

The study evaluates the potential cost-effectiveness of SelectMDx in a population of men with elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA) from France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The model used in the study compared the current standard of care, under which men undergo initial prostate biopsy in the case of an elevated PSA, with a strategy where SelectMDx is used to select men for biopsy based on the probability of them harboring the aggressive form of prostate cancer.

In all four countries included in the study, the use of SelectMDx resulted in notable quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gains and cost-savings. In France, SelectMDx resulted in 0.022 QALYs gained at a cost savings of €1217 per patient. For Germany, the model showed a QALY gain of 0.016 and a cost saving of €442. In Italy, the QALY gain and cost savings were 0.031 and €762. In Spain 0.020 QALYs were gained and €250 costs were saved. The implementation of SelectMDx in the four countries was shown to reduce the number of biopsies for initial diagnosis and prevent unnecessary overtreatment. The potential total cost savings for the healthcare providers in the four EU countries is over €300 million for each annual cohort under this new standard of care. These results further reinforce the cost-effectiveness of SelectMDx already observed in similar studies in The Netherlands and the United States.

Dr. Jan Groen, Chief Executive Officer of MDxHealth, said: "These health-economic studies in four of the EU member States are important because they demonstrate to healthcare providers and reimbursement agencies in the four EU member States the potential of SelectMDx to significantly reduce healthcare system costs compared to the current standard of care, avoiding overtreatment and overdiagnosis. Alongside the cost-savings, the data shows SelectMDx to be a better safeguard of patient wellbeing and quality of life, as it avoids invasive procedures and their associated side-effects."

Dr. Groen continued: "These studies are key to drive reimbursement in the respective EU member States. Taken together with previous studies performed in the Netherlands and the United States, these studies show that the use of SelectMDx consistently adds value across multiple populations. Implementation of SelectMDx into the clinical pathway for prostate cancer diagnosis in all the EU countries might potentially result in an overall total healthcare cost savings of over €1billion."
The paper is accessible via the online edition of the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.


About SelectMDx® for Prostate Cancer
SelectMDx for Prostate Cancer is a proprietary urine based, molecular diagnostic test that offers a non-invasive 'liquid biopsy' method to assess a man's risk for prostate cancer. SelectMDx helps identify men at increased risk of harboring aggressive, potentially lethal, prostate cancer who may benefit most from a prostate biopsy and earlier detection. The test helps to reduce the need for MRI procedures and invasive prostate biopsies by up to 50%, thereby improving quality of life and lowering healthcare costs per patient. SelectMDx is available in the US and all EU member states. Since the introduction of the SelectMDx test in mid-2016, over 25,000 patients have been tested and 16 commercial contracts have been signed with US based insurance companies. The test has been included in the 2018 European Association of Urology (EAU) clinical guidelines.

About MDxHealth®
MDxHealth is a multinational healthcare company that provides actionable molecular diagnostic information to personalize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The company's tests are based on proprietary genetic, epigenetic (methylation) and other molecular technologies and assist physicians with the diagnosis of urologic cancers, prognosis of recurrence risk, and prediction of response to a specific therapy. The Company's European headquarters are in Herstal, Belgium, with laboratory operations in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and US headquarters and laboratory operations based in Irvine, California. For more information, visit and follow us on social media at:, and



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