New collaboration between VIB and Plant Impact plc: advancing crop enhancement small molecule discovery


Plant Impact plc (AIM: PIM), which leads research and development in crop enhancement products that growers can rely on to improve the yield and quality of their crops, is pleased to announce a new R&D collaboration with VIB. The collaboration is focused on furthering research into VIB891, a newly identified small molecule and chemical analogues proven to increase plant biomass.

This new collaboration grants Plant Impact exclusive development access and a licensing option to these patent-pending small molecules identified at VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology. The VIB-UGent researchers have discovered that VIB891 can almost double biomass in different plant species.


This new agreement with VIB enables the Plant Impact R&D team to carry out full a evaluation including glasshouse and field trials with these high-potential molecules. Their fundamental role and their impact on diverse aspects of plant development may indicate their suitability for several ongoing Plant Impact product development projects.


The collaboration will also investigate possible further projects that could lead to the development and commercialisation of significant new crop enhancement technologies.


Dr Steve Adams, R&D Director, Plant Impact

“The identification of the VIB891 molecules showcases the exciting work underway at VIB. I am delighted that our new agreement opens the door for Plant Impact to further the advances made at there, enabling us to drive forward in our objective to help improve understanding of plant responses while creating new and reliable crop enhancement products to boost crop yields for farmers.”


Dr. Aurélie Nowack, Business Development Manager at VIB commented:

“It is gratifying to see fundamental research in plant science lead to the identification of small molecules that have great potential in various forms of agriculture. Plant Impact is the ideal partner to realise this potential.”



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