ViroVet wins “start-up of the year” award


ViroVet NV, a leading Belgian biopharmaceutical company active in the development of innovative vaccines and antiviral drugs for livestock, is proud to announce that it has been presented with the best start-up of the year accolade for the second time. Two years ago, the company was awarded for its concept and ideas, this time the jury bestowed the company for its progress and its ability to raise capital.

Erwin Blomsma, PhD, co-founder and CEO of ViroVet stated that

“Start-up companies like ViroVet are crucial to bring innovation to our sector. We show that there are novel and better ways to treat as well as prevent viral diseases in livestock and we have built our company with that focus. It is very nice to hear that our enthusiasm is shared by the Animal Pharm jury.”

Joseph Harvey, editor of Animal Pharm, said:

“There are currently many exciting start-ups in the animal health space – more than ever before. This makes ViroVet’s achievement of its second Best Start-up award from Animal Pharm even more impressive.”


From Animal Pharm News:

While ViroVet was a previous winner of this award in 2015, the company has snapped up the accolade again. In 2015, the Belgian firm's business concept and initial R&D work impressed the judging panel. This time around, the company's expertise in securing a significant series A funding round backed its nomination.

In the last 12 months, ViroVet achieved first and second closing of a series A round. The company raised around €6.8 million ($8.3 million). Among animal health start-ups, especially in Europe, this was no mean feat.
ViroVet claims to be the first company to be developing a new generation of vaccines based on plasmid-launched live attenuated viruses, as well as the first firm to develop antiviral medicines for livestock.

Under the guidance of its chief executive, Erwin Blomsma, the company has become a leading voice in the animal health industry with regards to innovation and championing the plight of smaller firms. ViroVet's stature belies its pre-revenue ranking.

Also in 2017, ViroVet extended its vaccine pipeline to the small ruminant sector by collaborating with GALVmed.


About ViroVet
ViroVet is a biopharmaceutical company with a clear objective to develop innovative technologies to improve the health and value of livestock. The company is headquartered in Heverlee near Leuven, Belgium and continues to build on the livestock assets and know-how that it has accumulated since 2008 while adding new products, including vaccines, to the pipeline.
PMV (via Biotech Fund Flanders), Agri Investment Fund, Gemma Frisius Fund, Vives Louvain Technology Fund and Capricorn Sustainable Chemistry Fund participated in ViroVet’s series A round.

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