GST - Anacura: The first veterinary stem cell product recommended for approval in Europe becomes a reality

Global Stem cell Technology (GST) NV, a pioneer in the field of veterinary stem cell therapy, announces that the European Medicines Agency (CVMP) has recommended a marketing authorization1 for Arti-Cell Forte. Arti-Cell Forte is the first veterinary medicinal product based on stem cells that has received a positive opinion in the European Union. The product is intended for the treatment of non-septic joint inflammation (e.g. osteoarthritis) in horses and consists of stem cells isolated from horse blood that have been primed towards forming cartilage tissue. “Priming the cells towards cartilage aids them to produce the right signals in the affected joint,” shares Jan Spaas, CEO of GST. “We are absolutely delighted with this outcome - the potential for the treatment is vast, since a quarter of the entire equine population develops osteoarthritis at some point in their life.”

Arti-Cell Forte is an allogeneic stem cell-based product, which means that high quality stem cells are taken from healthy donors and are subsequently administered to injured patients. Because the stem cells in Arti-Cell Forte are not being recognized by the immune system, they allow universal administration without matching between donor and acceptor. With one potent stem cell isolated from donor blood, more than 40 billion stem cells can be produced, equaling 20,000 treatments. Arti-Cell Forte has demonstrated proven efficacy in 78% of horses with arthrosis in a phase III field trial, which is superior to the current standard of care.


GST is a privately owned company of which research and development and production of veterinary stem cell based products and biotechnological applications is the main activity. As a basis for their stem cell therapies, GST uses highly potent stem cells from blood of mammals. GST thus translates regenerative medicine into clinical applications. The company was founded by veterinary stem cell researcher Jan H. Spaas (CEO) who is inventor of 6 patents and leading author on more than 20 scientifically peer-reviewed publications in this field. For more information, visit




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