ActoBio Therapeutics™’ CTO Lothar Steidler Elected VIB Alumni Awardee 2019


ActoBio Therapeutics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Intrexon Corporation (NASDAQ: XON) and innovative clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on a new class of microbe-based therapeutic agents and VIB, a Belgian biosciences research institute, are pleased to announce that Chief
Technology Officer Dr. Lothar Steidler has been chosen to receive VIB’s 2019 Alumni Award. Dr. Steidler obtained his PhD from the University of Ghent in 1995 and worked for VIB from 1996 until 2001. Based on his research, ActoGenix was spun off from VIB in 2006, acquired by Intrexon in 2015 and subsequently renamed ActoBio Therapeutics™ last year.

VIB is a Life Science Institute based in Flanders, Belgium which is funded by the Flemish Government and works in close partnership with five universities across Flanders, including the University of Ghent. The VIB Alumni Awards were introduced in 2017 to recognize outstanding leadership and excellent scientific achievements of
VIB alumni with significant societal impact. Out of 14 candidates, nominated by VIB employees and alumni, the VIB Alumni Board preselected three candidates. A jury of four distinguished emeriti – Marc Van Montagu, Désiré Collen, Joël Vandekerckhove and Hugo Van Heuverswyn – together with guest jury member Maggie De Block, Belgian Federal Minister of Public Health, named Lothar Steidler the winner of the second VIB Alumni Award.

“Lothar Steidler was never afraid to operate at the frontline of technology in a very competitive international environment with high risks, not only due to several unknown factors in his science, but also because of the vast economic and financial challenges. Therefore, Dr. Steidler absolutely deserves this award”, says prof. emeritus Joël Vandekerckhove, one of the jury members.

The award was presented at the VIB General Assembly on 24th April 2019 in Leuven. Dr. Steidler will also address the VIB researchers during the VIB Seminar in Veldhoven (the Netherlands) on 25th April 2019 on the societal impact of the ActoBiotics® drug delivery platform.

“We are delighted to be able to present this award to Dr. Steidler, who has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to many VIB scientists. His research has formed the basis of an internationally renowned company with a highly innovative and flexible technology. Their products, ActoBiotics®, are already the subject of multiple clinical trials for a range of diseases with no current cure and there are applications for many more such diseases in preclinical testing. We are proud that this important research with such broad societal impact has come from our institution and wish Dr. Steidler and everyone at ActoBio Therapeutics™ the greatest success in the future,” stated Lieve Ongena, Senior Science Policy & International Grants manager at the VIB.

“I am honored to have been granted this prestigious award,” commented Lothar Steidler, PhD, Chief Technology Officer of ActoBio Therapeutics™. “At the start of this journey, being a post-doctoral fellow at VIB and the University of Ghent, I could only dream that my discovery would lead to what is now an innovative therapeutic delivery platform. Multiple products, now known as ActoBiotics®, are currently undergoing clinical trials for various diseases with unmet needs, such as type 1 diabetes and oral mucositis. I am very fortunate to have been able to pioneer a technology that could impact so many people across the world, and gratefully accept this award. My thanks go to the VIB Panel for their recognition, as well as to all the people I have worked with throughout the years, without whom this achievement would not have been possible. Special thanks go to Pieter Rottiers, Sabine Neirynck, Karolien Van Huynegem and Klaas Vandenbroucke who have been my partners in crime during most of this exciting adventure.”


About ActoBio Therapeutics, Inc.
ActoBio Therapeutics™ is pioneering a new class of microbe-based ActoBiotics® Lactococcus lactis biopharmaceuticals that enables expression and local delivery of disease-modifying therapeutics. The ActoBiotics® platform produces biologics through oral or topical administration with treatment applications across many diseases including oral, gastrointestinal and autoimmune/allergic disorders. This approach is being developed to provide safer and more efficacious treatments than injectable biologicals. ActoBio Therapeutics™ has a strong R&D pipeline with the latest stage candidate in Phase IIb and an extensive portfolio of candidates ready for clinical development across a number of potential indications. For further
information and updates please visit us at or LinkedIn.

About Intrexon Corporation
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About VIB
VIB is a life sciences research institute in Flanders, Belgium. With more than 1470 scientists from over 60 countries, we perform basic research into the molecular foundations of life. VIB is an excellence-based entrepreneurial institute that focuses on translating basic scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications. VIB works in close partnership with five universities − UGent, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Hasselt University and is funded by the Flemish government. VIB develops and disseminates a wide range of science-based information about all aspects of biotechnology. For further information please visit



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