Successful anniversary year for Process Analytics of Hamilton Bonaduz AG


The business unit Process Analytics of Hamilton Bonaduz AG ends a successful anniversary year. In the year of their 30th birthday, the measurement experts did not only participate in various events but also introduced three new products to the market.

The long-awaited Incyte Arc sensor for measuring viable cell density was introduced on the ESACT conference in Copenhagen. The sensor allows for an easy implementation of the measurement of viable cell density together with the important parameters for bioreactors dissolved oxygen and pH, into bioprocess-controllers. Changes of the cell sizes caused by a lack of nutrients or other factors impacting their physiology are detected immediately due to the on-line real-time control – so that fast intervention is possible if needed. Since September, the company offers the optical dissolved oxygen sensor VisiFerm mA for applications in bioreactors. It requires fewer calibrations than the previous generation of VisiFerm sensors without raising the risk of measurement deviations.


At the same time, the lifetime of the caps has been prolonged and thus maintenance and operating costs are lowered. A similar product is the also optical dissolved oxygen sensor VisiTrace mA, which allows for a high drift stability in the measurement range from 0 to 2000 ppb. Both dissolved oxygen sensors are characterized by the integrated 4-20 mA and HART interfaces.


“Our year was designated by smaller and bigger events, next to our product presentations. I’d like to mention the ESACT conference for BioPharma, and the BrauBeviale for the beverage industry. Both trade fairs were very positive and we were able to convince visitors of our sensor. We are looking forward to 2020 with confidence and are working at high pressure on optimizations as well as completely new sensors“, resumes Dr. Knut Georgy, Senior Market Segment Manager Process Analytics at Hamilton Bonaduz AG.


About HAMILTON Process Analytics:


Hamilton Process Analytics, a division of Hamilton Bonaduz AG, pioneers open sensing solutions to enhance the understanding and control of critical process parameters, including pH, ORP, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen as well as total and viable cell density. First introduced in 1989, Hamilton sensors are found worldwide in applications ranging from biopharma to power generation to brewing. Hamilton continues to lead the industry with new innovations such as intelligent sensor management via Arc wireless technology, and single-use solutions to significantly reduce risk of contamination. Each Hamilton offering is supported by a full portfolio of accessories including armatures, transmitters, cables, buffers, and standards.


Hamilton Bonaduz AG is the European counterpart of Hamilton Company, founded by Clark Hamilton in 1960 and headquartered in Reno, Nevada, USA. With more than 2,500 employees across global manufacturing facilities and subsidiaries, Hamilton is a leader in numerous fields including automated liquid handling robotics, automated sample management, medical ventilation, laboratory products, and process analytics.



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