Mithra Demonstrates Further Estetrol’s Unique Profile at the Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society


Mithra (Euronext Brussels: MITRA), a company dedicated to Women’s Health has presented the results of a new study on Estetrol (E4) at the 101st Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society (ENDO 2019) held from March 23 to 26 in New Orleans (U.S.)

During the late breaking news session of this key international conference in endocrinology, Mithra presented the most recent findings on E4’s mode of action. The results of this study delineate further E4’s unique profile as an estrogen with selective actions in tissues, demonstrating the absence of specific membrane receptor effects.

This additional data strengthens E4’s unique character and the innovation of the E4 research platform. The specificity of E4 activity with lower hepatic effects should ultimately translate into safer clinical use across a broad range of indications, starting with contraception, perimenopause and menopause.

Professor Jean-Michel Foidart, Perpetual Secretary of the Royal Academy of Medicine, commented: “These results demonstrate further E4’s specific profile and distinctive action from SERMs1 on the ERα receptor. Previous studies have shown that E4 can activate estrogen receptors in some tissues, while in other tissues it acts as an anti-estrogen due to its ability to activate the nuclear estrogen receptor and block the membrane receptor2,3. This additional evidence complete distinctive E4 profile, differentiating it from current estrogens and also from other product families like SERMs which show a modular activity on estrogen receptors. The absence of specific membrane receptor effects and no interaction with ERα in the way of SERMs demonstrate E4’s unique profile and shed a new light on E4’s improved benefit/risk profile for the clinic.”

The abstract of this presentation entitled "Estetrol (E4), a unique estrogen with a selective mode of action on tissues different from that of SERMs" is available here.


Mithra (Euronext: MITRA) is dedicated to providing innovation and choice in Women’s Health, with a particular focus on contraception and menopause. Mithra’s goal is to develop new and improved products that meet women’s needs for better safety and convenience. Its two lead development candidates – a fifth generation oral contraceptive Estelle® and next-generation hormone therapy Donesta® - are built on Mithra’s unique native estrogen platform, E4 (Estetrol). Mithra also develops, manufactures and markets complex therapeutics and offers partners a complete spectrum of research, development and specialist manufacturing at its CDMO. Mithra was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from the University of Liège by Mr. François Fornieri and Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Foidart. Mithra is headquartered in Liège, Belgium. Further information can be found at:



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