Novosanis launches volume variants of Colli-Pee® offering new applications in urine testing


Novosanis NV, a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc., (NASDAQ: OSUR) announced today that it has launched two variants of its urine-capturing device, Colli-Pee®. The new variants allow the collection of both smaller and larger volumes of first-void urine as compared to the original 20 mL device, offering additional applications in the fields of infectious disease, uro-oncology and beyond. The new versions are currently available for research use only (RUO).

The smaller Colli-Pee® variant, which captures up to 10 mL of urine is compatible with many high-throughput instruments, thereby improving lab work flow. This variant will also allow for collection of a more concentrated urine sample.

The larger volume Colli-Pee® version, which captures the first 45 mL of urine, supports multi-omic testing and can solve issues of low analyte concentration. It has applications in the detection and monitoring of some cancers where a large volume of urine can be required.


“The original version of the Colli-Pee® facilitates the detection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as prostate cancer with its collection of first-void urine. Based on the market need, we are excited to introduce variants of our device and offer new opportunities in the field of urine testing,” says Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO of Novosanis.


About Novosanis
Novosanis, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc., is an innovative developer and producer of medical devices adding value to the accuracy of diagnostics tests as well as drug delivery in the field of prevention, detection and treatment of infectious diseases and oncology. Novosanis is a Belgian company endorsed on multiple occasions nationally and internationally for its solutions and is ISO13485 certified. Novosanis focusses on user-friendly and innovative medical devices meeting all regulatory and quality requirements for self-sampling and drug delivery solutions that improve accuracy and standardization while making handling easier, more consistent and more comfortable for the user. The company has two device platforms in its portfolio:

Colli-Pee® is a patented sampling device suited for volumetric collection of first-void urine (first 20ml of the urine flow) allowing improved detection of infectious diseases as well as early stage cancer. Colli-Pee™ is CE-marked and FDA listed.

VAX-ID® is a patented platform of injection devices suited for accurate drug delivery of e.g. therapeutic, prophylactic and allergy vaccines in the dermal layer of the skin. The devices are currently research use only (RUO).

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About OraSure Technologies
OraSure Technologies is empowering the global community to improve health and wellness by providing access to accurate essential information. OraSure is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of point-of-care diagnostic tests, molecular collection devices and other technologies designed to detect or diagnose critical medical conditions. Its first-to-market, innovative products include rapid tests for the detection of antibodies to HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) on the OraQuick® platform, sample self-collection and stabilization products for molecular applications, and oral fluid laboratory tests for detecting various drugs of abuse. Together with its wholly-owned subsidiaries (DNA Genotek, CoreBiome and Novosanis), OraSure provides its customers with value-added, end-to-end solutions that encompass tools, diagnostics and services. OraSure’s portfolio of products is sold globally to various clinical laboratories, hospitals, clinics, community-based organizations and other public health organizations, research institutions, distributors, government agencies, physicians’ offices, commercial and industrial entities and consumers. For more information on OraSure Technologies, please visit



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