CMAST is stepping into a strategic partnership with FlandersBio as of April 1st, 2017

CMAST is stepping into a strategic partnership with FlandersBio as of April 1st, 2017.
Through this partnership with FlandersBio, CMAST underlines its engagement of enabling Life Science Innovation in general and in Flanders in particular.

In addition to our current contributions to several FlandersBio life sciences innovation network events and programs, CMAST will support the transformation process of the future FlandersBio Life Science support model.


“This strategic partnership fits our vision of how multi stakeholder collaborations will drive the development of future healthcare solutions. We indeed see the need for a strong platform, as envisaged by FlandersBio, that aims to match collaborative partner, innovative products or ideas with the necessary expertise and funding. It is the ambition of CMAST to act as a ‘Trusted Third Party’ that can contribute to the creation of, and the execution of multiple collaborative projects nationally, or internationally, but with roots In, or links to the strong Flemish Life Science ecosystem.”

Says Glenn Van Dael, CEO and Founder of CMAST


“We are extremely pleased with this seventh strategic partnership for FlandersBio. We have been interacting with the team of CMAST in different domain specific platforms like FlandersVaccine, RegMed and Persomed Towers and concluded that the approach of CMAST is not only very complementary to the skills of the FlandersBio team but will also strengthen significantly the FlandersBio 2.0 strategy we have embarked upon.”

Adds Henk Joos, Managing Director of FlandersBio.


“As a ’Trusted Third Party’, CMAST is uniquely positioned to bring parties with diverse backgrounds and expertise to the table. We will help our partners to develop or refine their business plans, assist them in securing additional external funding and will offer to coordinate these multi-partner projects to secure the timely delivery of value added outcomes. We believe this vision aligns well with the strategy of Flandersbio to become a value-add service provider in the well-connected European Life Science ecosystem.” 

Says Kurt Hertogs, Chief Innovation and Operations at CMAST.



The global CMAST team of expert consultants and project managers is active at all stages of the Life Science innovation spectrum. Our experts engage with teams of large pharmaceutical organizations, advanced biotechnology teams, or academic research projects or consortia.
Through a best-practice project management approach and the offering of other value added services we drive the outcome of our client’s projects and consortia to meaningful outcomes.Founded in 2008, CMAST has a current staff of some 100 employees, with satellite locations in Germany, Poland and the United States. CMAST was recently nominated for the second time by Trends magazine as a Trends Gazelle 2017 and received the East Flanders SME award “UNIZO KMO Laureaat Oost-Vlaanderen 2016-2017”.

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