Blended entrepeneurial education for high growth in Life Sciences & Health

Aims & Mission

Growth of a start-up company into a high growth company (Gazelle) in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) requires experienced and well-equipped entrepeneurs, but the sector is confronted with a structural shortage. This is putting a strain on the innovation capacity in the sector. The root of this problem is the current entrepeneurial education system.


This Knowledge Alliance aims to:


1) strengthen entrepeneurial knowledge and skills for growth through innovation of teaching and learning methods on a European level
2) establish and intensify strategic learning and development of partnerships (public-private) in the field of LHS across Europe for exchange of knowledge


The first objective of this KA is to modernize the European educational system for higher education, by developing and implementing innovative, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning. This KA will develop an innovative educational programme focused on the development of entrepeneurial knowledge and skills for growth. The programme is characterized by interactive and action oriented teaching and learning and will consist of four educatioanl building blocks (combining online and face-to-face learning):


  1. Online modules (SPOCs)
  2. Entrepeneurial labs
  3. Simulation games
  4. Mix & Match Events


The second objective is to cluster local LHS ecosystems in Europe via a platform of LHS ecosystems, which enables the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge and expertise and provides LSH entrepeneurs with access to all relevant stakeholders, knowledge and resources. 


The third objective is to provide transferable methods for entrepeneurship education for growth in other sectors. 


This project will connect the LHS ecosystems in Europe and provides the sector with the entrepeneurial knowledge and skills for GROWTH.



Role of


Within the project, will be responsible for the 4th building block: the Mix & Match events.


The Mix & Match Events provide a platform to stimulate entrepreneurial success while creating a collaborative global ecosystem to build positive change in the healthcare industry. The events offer the participants the opportunity to develop and work their network either to provide them with opportunities for mirroring their case, to find strategic partners, investors, a window to the market, inspiring mentors, refreshing ideas or inspiration on their venture journey.



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