XKet4Health supports innovations in the healthcare domain at the crossroads of the Key Enabling Technologies of biotechnology and digital technologies.

Aims & Mission Statement

Like in most parts of the Western world, European healthcare systems are facing a number of economic and societal challenges. Ageing population, global travel and migration, concentration of people in megacities, life style evolutions and consumerism, resulting in an increasing prevalence of chronic and metabolic diseases such as diabetes, negatively affect untenable healthcare costs.

In order to keep the HMS cost sustainable, solutions for this trend lie in a paradigm shift from curative blockbuster driven medicine to tailored prediction, prevention and precision medicine (personalised medicine) and a further evolution from a hospital-centric towards a home based patient-centric care system. These evolutions are in part the direct result from radical technological breakthroughs in life sciences and from solutions brought about by advanced micro/nano-technology platforms. Among the many possible innovations in the health and healthcare domain, the highest potential is believed to lie in these applications integrating the Key Enabling Technologies of biotechnology and digital technologies.

To support this emerging sector, flanders.bio and DSP Valley in collaboration with the companies AnSem, Biocartis, Cochlear and NxP are currently running the XKET4HEALTH-project, funded by the Flemish Government through VLAIO. After the successful project kick off on November 25th 2017, FlandersBio and DSP Valley have launched 3 separate platforms:

  • one on smart implants,
  • a second one on (bio)medical imaging and
  • a third lab-on-chip.

These platforms are open to all stakeholders with activities fitting into the respective value chains and willing to invest in their further development.

Other foreseen activities within the XKET4Health project are an HR competence needs analysis, a Summer School, and a basic roadmap exercise based on the strengths and weaknesses of the Flemish ecosystem in this cross technological domain.




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