flanders.bio offers a wide range of advantages and services to its members



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flanders.bio events

flanders.bio organises events giving you the chance to explore business opportunities, discuss research topics and meet the life sciences community.

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Other life sciences events

flanders.bio offers an overview of other life sciences events that can be of interest to its members. For some of them flanders.bio members receive a reduction on the registration fee.


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flanders.bio trainings

flanders.bio sets up trainings on various topics, including industry readiness modules for life sciences students and business courses for professionals.

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Other life sciences trainings

flanders.bio also offers an overview of other life sciences trainings that can be of interest to its members.



flanders.bio provides you a tailored range of services in house or in collaboration with its member competence providers that brings value to your business:

  • Searchable & customizable company profile in our Member Directory.
  • Your vacancies and internships on our website, and access to a CV Database (2,000+ CV’s).
  • We screen the national media for you - your CEO receives a daily life sciences newsflash (Dutch).
  • Your news going viral through our website, daily life sciences newsflash and social media (Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook).
  • Your events & trainings on our website and in our quarterly e-letter (7,500+ recipients).
  • Your company in Biotech & Life Sciences Publications at reduced rate.
  • Participate in our annual (Bio)Pharma Salary Survey & compare your salaries with the rest of the market.



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flanders.bio represents the cluster and its members in important discussions with the Belgian governments.