banner - Roche Diagnostics Partner Day 2018: ’Towards high-quality Cell Therapy’ and Roche Diagnostics are happy to welcome you on their third joint Partner Day. This year’s edition will target the course “Towards high-quality Cell Therapy”.

The meeting will introduce the Belgian ecosystem on cell therapy and take you through the different aspects and critical steps within the development and manufacturing of cell therapy. Upscaling experiences from lab phase and pre-production to final production of the cells in GMP environment will be shared. The importance and needs of validated methods and tests for QC, release of the batches as well as submission of the dossier to the authorities will be addressed.


Several organizations and companies will present their technology, expertise and solutions within the field of cell therapy, from lab level to manufacturing level. We will learn from their experiences and challenges with automation and QC. The impact of the new legislation for ATMP’s will be approached.
This Diagnostics partner day will highlight solutions and testimonials that specifically support cell therapy product development and manufacturing.


The 3th Roche Diagnostics PartnerDay 2018 reflects the catalyzing role of Roche Diagnostics and to promote knowledge transfer and to better understand the needs of the players within the life sciences ecosystem in Belgium and beyond.



Registration and welcome lunch


Welcome and intro

Peggy Ruymbeeck, Market Manager Pharma / Genetics & Oncology - Roche Diagnostics


From production tools to therapeutic agents: the story of the Belgian ecosystem for cell therapy

Dominique Demonté, Director BIOPARK Charleroi


Anicells, advancing innovative cell therapy solutions to the patient therapy

Nathalie Cools, , Group Leader, Immune Regulation & tolerance-inducing Strategies (IRiS) research group, University of Antwerp


Translating your analytical tests to the GMP level

Jessika Wynendaele, Project Manager & International Business Development Manager Cell Based Medicinal Products, Anacura



Aurore de Lavareille, QC Associate, Celyad



Maya Fürstenau-Sharp, Marketing Manager, Regenerative Medicine , Sartorius


Coffee Break




Importance of Rapid Microbiological Method (RMM) in the release of cell therapy products.’

Carmen Brenner, QC Manager, Bone Therapeutics


The 4th Part; new EU GMP legislation for ATMP’s

Bram Keymolen, Co-founder Eye Tec - Compliant Solutions for Healthcare


Miltenyi Benelux

Anje Bauwens, Clinical Sales Manager Benelux, Miltenyi Benelux


Networking reception



Event Details


Thursday, June 14, 2018 (12:00 h - 18:00 h)


Location: Area 42, Brussels

The closest car park: Passage 44 (Interparking) is located at 1 km from the venue

Price: members: 40€ (+VAT) members: 80 € (+VAT)



2018-06-14 12:00:00 2018-06-14 18:00:00 Europe/Brussels - Roche Diagnostics Partner Day 2018: ’Towards high-quality Cell Therapy’ Location: Area 42, Brussels The closest car park: Passage 44 (Interparking) is located at 1 km from the venue

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