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Recruitment for Life Sciences Start-Ups & the Challenge of Millennials

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and founders looking to grow their early-stage life science companies can be finding, recruiting and keeping the best talent. As a founder you need to fundraise, strengthen the science and technology behind your innovation, and take care of the health and well-being of your team and yourself. A wrong hire, in the best-case scenario, could set your company back months. Conversely, a good one could accelerate growth, improve team morale and improve your investment profile.


10 Sep 2019

Single-Use Event 2019: Challenges and opportunities in bioprocessing and biopharma

On September 10th at location Bluepoint in Antwerp suppliers and users will meet at the ultimate networking event in the world of bioprocessing, biotechnology and (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Single-Use Event will mainly focus on the technological and product developments in these 3 areas: Continuous Bioprocessing, Cell Culture Systems & Microbial Systems.

12 Sep 2019

Advipro Job Tasting Day 2019

Na de succesvolle editie in het voorjaar organiseren we op 12 september 2019 een nieuwe Job Tasting Day voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een uitdaging in de Pharma & Life Sciences. Getalenteerde en gemotiveerde personen met een technische en/of wetenschappelijke affiniteit krijgen zo een kans om kennis te maken met Advipro, de GxP Academy en ons geweldige A-team!

17 Sep 2019


20 Sep 2019

Preservation of micro-organisms: a practical approach

The preservation of biological material is of primary interest for research but also for industrial applications. It is the mission of the BCCM consortium not only to preserve, but also to offer quality controlled, characterised and documented biological material. BCCM also offers its expertise through services and partnership projects.

20 Sep 2019

Gene technology today: a practical approach

Get to know the novel VersaTile technology and Jungle Express system, and get the latest practical updates on gene knock-down and - editing at the BCCM/GeneCorner seminar.

25 Sep 2019


26 Sep 2019

ISPE Europe Biotechnology Conference

Biopharmaceuticals has become a main pillar in the pharmaceutical industry, with significant transformation in the development, strategy, technology and operations. This transformation is a continuous process, which is impacted by other developments in digitalisation amongst other factors.

25 Sep 2019

From discovery to submission and beyond - get to know the full Pharmalex portfolio

PharmaLex offers end-to-end integrated services that provide real value to our clients. We welcome you to join us for a half day session which covers, amongst other topics, the introduction of PharmaLex Belgium. Use this opportunity to meet international experts from RA, PV, Clinical Development, CMC Development, Quality, Epidemiology and more, in a professional face-to-face setting and network with peers from the industry.

10 Oct 2019


11 Oct 2019

The Brain Mosaic: Cellular heterogeneity in the CNS (2nd edition)

Recent advances in technology now allow us to explore multiple aspects of heterogeneity at the single cell level. Nowhere is this more important than in the Central Nervous System (CNS), where cellular heterogeneity has profound effects on all aspects of normal brain function and behavior and explains important aspects of disease pathology.

15 Oct 2019

Immunity for Health

On October 15th 2019 Flanders Vaccine is happy to host its 4th edition of “Immunity for Health”; the Flanders Vaccine annual flagship event where all stakeholders, both from the human and animal health sector, working in the field of immunology, vaccinology, immune-oncology and infectious diseases are invited to meet, discuss and interact.

4 Nov 2019


5 Nov 2019

Bootcamp in Rare Diseases

What are the key drivers and resistors for development of diagnostics and therapeutics in rare diseases?


How to build a value proposition and sustainable business plan in this setting?


When moving outside R&D, which additional challenges arise?


How to design clinical trials and establish strategic partnerships?


Which efforts can be undertaken to ensure access and affordability of orphan drugs?

4 Nov 2019

Biobank Day 2019

Save the date! November 4th is BioBank Day

"Success stories and special population biobanks"

14 Nov 2019

BCF Career Event

Are you orientating on the next steps in your career? Or are you an employer and wish to show job seekers what you have to offer? Join BCF Career Event on 14 November 2019 in Ghent ICC.

2 Dec 2019


3 Dec 2019

Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition)

After two successful editions (organized in June 2015 & October 2017) featuring each time ~300 attendees, we are pleased to announce the 3rdedition that will take place in December 2019.