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QM Conference 2020

Is there a future in Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Quality Management?

30 Jan 2020

Meet with Johnson & Johnson Innovation

In this event, representatives from Johnson & Johnson Innovation will provide an overview of goals and missions, highlighting how Johnson & Johnson Innovation interacts with the entrepreneurial community through JLABS, JJDC, The Innovation Centers and Janssen Business & Development.

13 Feb 2020


14 Feb 2020

Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (3rd edition)

Bioinformatics has quickly become an integral part of life sciences research by enabling innovative computational approaches in an increasingly data-dense environment.

Inspired by the sold-out editions in 2016 and 2018, VIB (a non-profit life sciences research institute) is organizing this third edition to highlight recent developments in bioinformatics research, and to showcase its impact in medical, agricultural, and biotechnological research.

19 Mar 2020

MedTech Meetup 2020

The 4th edition of MedTech Meetup will be held on March 19, 2020 in Brussels!
Once again this unique event in Belgium will shed light on the Belgian industry of medical devices.
Don't miss this great opportunity to learn from experts in the field and meet your peers!

26 Mar 2020


27 Mar 2020

Translational Immunology

The aim of this conference is to bridge the translational gap in immunopathology, bringing together clinicians, research scientists and industry partners to discuss prominent advances from the bench to the clinic.

22 Apr 2020

Are Randomized Clinical Trials Still Needed in 2020?

April 2020 will mark the 40th anniversary of Jay Herson’s paper “Patient Registration in a Cooperative Oncology Group”. That paper, published in the first volume of the journal Controlled Clinical Trials, dealt with sources of bias and randomization practices that existed at the time. Looking back, it is surprising to see how much has changed since 1980. Whilst randomization remains a key design feature for confirmatory trials aimed at new drug approval, many innoative non-randomized study designs have been proposed and used in recent years.

14 May 2020


15 May 2020

Tumor Heterogeneity, Plasticity and Therapy

Tumors are complex and evolving ecosystems composed of a wide variety of cell types, in addition to the cancer cells themselves. Increasing evidence indicates that the bi-directional interplay between tumor cells and their tumor microenvironment shape tumor evolution and therapy resistance.

10 Sep 2020


11 Sep 2020

Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology (4th edition)

Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology are revolutionizing Life Sciences. Driven by advances in the CRISPR-toolbox for rapid, cheap, multiplex modification of genomes and breakthroughs in DNA synthesis technologies, the pace of progress enabled by these tools in the last years has been breathtaking.


19 Nov 2020


20 Nov 2020

Single Cell Conference

Emerging technologies in Single Cell research