Dinner with Chef Watson

As Man and Machine become one in the workplace and in our homes, we experience how technology enters our daily lives and changes the way we do things. Bio-tech and life sciences engineers, doctors and researchers know by now that micro moments, big data, AI, VR, robots, IoT, patient centric and self-service applications and devices are emerging. Talent attraction & retention, lifelong learning initiatives and coping skills become critical success factors to allow organisations to grow and stay in business.

On 8 November we will witness and celebrate the successful unity of human and machine intelligence during a four-course surprise dinner in a unique setting. Chef Watson (IBM’ s AI Computer program) and Chef Peter Maertens (Chef at Restaurant HET VERSCHIL) will enrich and stretch each other’s creativity and collaboration skills.

Chef Watson is not tied to predefined combinations, family flavours or traditions. It uses algorithms and scans all possible ingredients and recipes that can be found in cook books and on the internet. Chef Peter, a man of flesh and blood, can cook, taste and improvise with passion. He also comes with pre-set preferences, prejudice and personal memories.

Between courses, and while both Chefs team up in the kitchen, our host and moderator Virginie Claes will stimulate guest speakers and participants to share how their personal lives, skills and professions are already impacted by technology today, and how they prepare themselves toward futureproof businesses, organisations and lifelong learning. Is your mindset ready for tomorrow’s challenges? What are your new ways of learning and adapting? Come and find out on 8 November!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017 (19:00 h - 22:30 h)


Hoogstraat 34, 9340 Lede.
Nearby E40 exit Erpe-Mere


119.79 EUR (incl. BTW)




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2017-11-08 19:00:00 2017-11-08 22:30:00 Europe/Brussels Dinner with Chef Watson Hoogstraat 34, 9340 Lede.Nearby E40 exit Erpe-Mere <p>Multi Multa</p>

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