Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research 2019 Award Celebration Benelux

Johnson & Johnson has named Franz-Ulrich Hartl, M.D., of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Arthur Horwich, M.D., of Yale School of Medicine and Howard Hughes Medical Institute as winners of the 2019 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research.


Selected by an independent committee of world-renowned scientists, Hartl and Horwich won for their revolutionary insights into chaperone-mediated protein folding and join 16 scientists who have received the Dr. Paul Janssen Award since 2004, including three who went on to win the Nobel Prize.


Arthur Horwich, M.D. 


Arthur Horwich, M.D.

Sterling Professor of Genetics and Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Franz-Ulrich Hartl M.D.


Franz-Ulrich Hartl, M.D.

Director, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry


Proteins are the molecules in cells that drive almost every biological process. Through their collaboration, Hartl and Horwich discovered that proteins are folded into their proper shape with the help of other specialized proteins called molecular chaperones. This process allows the proteins to reach their functional shape, which enables them to perform their biological function.


These insights have broad implications throughout biology and medicine, and hold promise for the development of new therapeutic strategies for treating diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer, in which defects in protein folding are involved.


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Science Talk

Before the Award Celebration and Dinner, the latest advances in the field of protein folding will be presented for the scientific community. This year's winners and leading experts will highlight recent advances in protein folding and discuss opportunities for new therapeutic targets and clinical perspectives.


Additional registration is required for the Science Talk.


Welcome reception


Award Ceremony and dinner

The Dr. Paul Janssen Award Ceremony is an annual celebration to honor the award winners and celebrate champions of science. The event features the work of the winners and live music from amazing artists. 


Presentation: Sabine De Vos


Music: Michiel Borstlap & Edsilia Rombley


Event Details


Friday, September 27, 2019 (14:00 h - 19:00 h)


Turnhoutseweg 30
2340 Beerse


Janssen Belgium

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