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Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (3rd edition)

Bioinformatics has quickly become an integral part of life sciences research by enabling innovative computational approaches in an increasingly data-dense environment.

Inspired by the sold-out editions in 2016 and 2018, VIB (a non-profit life sciences research institute) is organizing this third edition to highlight recent developments in bioinformatics research, and to showcase its impact in medical, agricultural, and biotechnological research.

| 13 February 2020

30 Jan 2020

Meet with Johnson & Johnson Innovation

In this event, representatives from Johnson & Johnson Innovation will provide an overview of goals and missions, highlighting how Johnson & Johnson Innovation interacts with the entrepreneurial community through JLABS, JJDC, The Innovation Centers and Janssen Business & Development.

29 Jan 2020


30 Jan 2020

QM Conference 2020

Is there a future in Clinical and Pharmacovigilance Quality Management?

9 Dec 2019

Scale | Life Sciences executive & investor evening

During the event, we will introduce you to 10 startups who will present their innovative business models. These start-ups have completed our intensive 10-week scale programme.

2 Dec 2019


3 Dec 2019

Next-Generation Protein Analysis and Detection (3rd edition)

After two successful editions (organized in June 2015 & October 2017) featuring each time ~300 attendees, we are pleased to announce the 3rdedition that will take place in December 2019.

29 Nov 2019

De Clercq & Partners annual ip seminar

De Clercq & Partners is happy to announce the programme of our yearly one-day patent seminar, an event that brings together cutting-edge topics and prominent figures from the industry to provide you with the latest developments in Intellectual Property.

21 Nov 2019

Digital Health Conference, the road from idea to patient

Healthcare is becoming more and more digital. Every day, new medical devices pop up. During this conference, we enlighten the full product lifecycle of medica devices: from idea to market.


19 Nov 2019

Mini-symposium PET imaging: From tracer development to non-clinical and clinical applications

On the 19th of November, MIRaCLe (Molecular Imaging Research and Clinic Leuven) is hosting a mini-symposium in celebration of the installation of a new R&D PET tracer production lab and two new microPET cameras and one microCT camera (Molecubes).

14 Nov 2019

BCF Career Event

Are you orientating on the next steps in your career? Or are you an employer and wish to show job seekers what you have to offer? Join BCF Career Event on 14 November 2019 in Ghent ICC.

7 Nov 2019


5 Dec 2019

Patenting software and artificial intelligence // IP café: 3 different dates and locations!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing our everyday lives. Only a few decades ago, machines were considered mainly useful for routine and repetitive assignments, now AI-equipped devices are capable of highly complex tasks previously thought exclusive to the human intelligence and capacity. Today, we see ever more ambitious applications of AI which will change the ways in which we work, play, and communicate.

5 Nov 2019

Systems Neuroscience: bridging the scales of the brain

The “Systems Neuroscience: bridging the scales of the brain” conference will bring together world-wide leading experts in neuroscience in an interdisciplinary framework to address the complexity of the human brain and to demonstrate how systematic approaches can be used to reveal disease mechanisms.

The emphasis of the conference will be on the integration of the different biological scales. The conference will cover cutting-edge approaches from genetics, electrophysiology, single cell biology, omics technologies, neuroimaging and corresponding data analysis and modelling approaches

4 Nov 2019

4th BioBanking Day 2019

Save the date! November 4th is BioBank Day

"Success stories and special population biobanks"

4 Nov 2019


5 Nov 2019

Bootcamp in Rare Diseases

What are the key drivers and resistors for development of diagnostics and therapeutics in rare diseases?


How to build a value proposition and sustainable business plan in this setting?


When moving outside R&D, which additional challenges arise?


How to design clinical trials and establish strategic partnerships?


Which efforts can be undertaken to ensure access and affordability of orphan drugs?

30 Oct 2019

JLABS @ BE Open House & Info Session

Growing to 13 sites across the globe, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS now has a portfolio of over 530+ companies. JLABS offers emerging life science companies modular lab units, office space, shared core laboratory equipment and business facilities. It also links the entrepreneurs with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including opportunities for funding, third-party services, educational events and provides access to R&D experts from medical technology, consumer healthcare product and Janssen pharmaceutical teams.

25 Oct 2019

CRIG's 2nd industrial partnering event

Following the success of the 1st edition in 2017, we are glad to invite you to CRIG's 2nd industrial partnering event on Friday 25th October 2019.

24 Oct 2019

Voxdale Co-Creation Day

We would like you to join us on Thursday 24 October, 2019 for the second edition of our Voxdale Co-Creation Day at the BikeValley wind tunnel.

22 Oct 2019

The Exit: Lessons on Building and Selling Tech and Life Sciences Companies

Will you be ready when a potential investor asks you, “what is your exit strategy?”

While CEOs should always focus on building a great company, it’s also important to have identified your long-term exit strategy, including your strategic endgame, and a plan for getting there.

10 Oct 2019


11 Oct 2019

The Brain Mosaic: Cellular heterogeneity in the CNS (2nd edition)

Recent advances in technology now allow us to explore multiple aspects of heterogeneity at the single cell level. Nowhere is this more important than in the Central Nervous System (CNS), where cellular heterogeneity has profound effects on all aspects of normal brain function and behavior and explains important aspects of disease pathology.

28 Sep 2019

Dag van de Tips

Het lijkt nog veraf maar na de vakantie gaat het weer pijlsnel richting Dag van de Tips, het tweede grootste VFB-congres van het jaar. Hou zaterdag 28 september alvast vrij in uw agenda. Net als vorig jaar zullen we je weer hartelijk ontvangen in ICC te Gent. De aanwezigen zullen weer met een rits ‘aandelentips’ huiswaarts keren. Naast Analisten van banken, beurshuizen en beleggingsbladen zullen enkele clubs hun favoriet aandeel prijsgeven. Ook de top-5 van de VFB-leden zal niet ontbreken.

27 Sep 2019

Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research 2019 Award Celebration Benelux

Johnson & Johnson has named Franz-Ulrich Hartl, M.D., of the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry and Arthur Horwich, M.D., of Yale School of Medicine and Howard Hughes Medical Institute as winners of the 2019 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research.


25 Sep 2019

From discovery to submission and beyond - get to know the full Pharmalex portfolio

PharmaLex offers end-to-end integrated services that provide real value to our clients. We welcome you to join us for a half day session which covers, amongst other topics, the introduction of PharmaLex Belgium. Use this opportunity to meet international experts from RA, PV, Clinical Development, CMC Development, Quality, Epidemiology and more, in a professional face-to-face setting and network with peers from the industry.

25 Sep 2019

Invest in the future of health biotech

As part of the European Biotech Week, EuropaBio will host a panel discussion on the 25th of September in Brussels.

25 Sep 2019


26 Sep 2019

ISPE Europe Biotechnology Conference

Biopharmaceuticals has become a main pillar in the pharmaceutical industry, with significant transformation in the development, strategy, technology and operations. This transformation is a continuous process, which is impacted by other developments in digitalisation amongst other factors.

24 Sep 2019

Evénement annuel bio.be/essenscia: Evidence-based biotechnologies: the future is in (y)our hands

3 main themes in 3 short sessions that will allow scientists, the industry and the authorities to share their insights from their respective fields of expertise.

23 Sep 2019


26 Sep 2019

Innovation income deduction - IPcafé - 3 different dates and locations!

Deloitte Gi3 Global Investment and Innovation Incentives and De Clercq & Partners are teaming up to organize an afterwork session on R&D incentives with a focus on the Belgian Innovation Income Deduction - IID. With this regime, the government ensures that innovative companies can profit from interesting tax benefits.

20 Sep 2019

Gene technology today: a practical approach

Get to know the novel VersaTile technology and Jungle Express system, and get the latest practical updates on gene knock-down and - editing at the BCCM/GeneCorner seminar.

19 Sep 2019

Your IP in China

De Clercq & Partners is delighted to be joining forces with Agio Capital & Business Solutions for an engaging seminar on life sciences and IP enforcement in China.

17 Sep 2019


20 Sep 2019

Preservation of micro-organisms: a practical approach

The preservation of biological material is of primary interest for research but also for industrial applications. It is the mission of the BCCM consortium not only to preserve, but also to offer quality controlled, characterised and documented biological material. BCCM also offers its expertise through services and partnership projects.

16 Sep 2019


17 Sep 2019

Ojo workshop in synthetic biology

Synthetic Biology is a multidisciplinary field and the input of physicists, mathematicians, chemists and engineers (among others) is always constrained by the ability to establish dialogue with biologists, and by our understanding of biology itself. While Synthetic Biology, through iGEM and other initiatives has been successful at fostering an environment of collaboration between subjects, our knowledge of how biology operates remains incomplete, burdened by history, hindered by the methodology used to study biology.

12 Sep 2019

Advipro Job Tasting Day 2019

Na de succesvolle editie in het voorjaar organiseren we op 12 september 2019 een nieuwe Job Tasting Day voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een uitdaging in de Pharma & Life Sciences. Getalenteerde en gemotiveerde personen met een technische en/of wetenschappelijke affiniteit krijgen zo een kans om kennis te maken met Advipro, de GxP Academy en ons geweldige A-team!

10 Sep 2019

Single-Use Event 2019: Challenges and opportunities in bioprocessing and biopharma

On September 10th at location Bluepoint in Antwerp suppliers and users will meet at the ultimate networking event in the world of bioprocessing, biotechnology and (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Single-Use Event will mainly focus on the technological and product developments in these 3 areas: Continuous Bioprocessing, Cell Culture Systems & Microbial Systems.

5 Sep 2019

Recruitment for Life Sciences Start-Ups & the Challenge of Millennials

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and founders looking to grow their early-stage life science companies can be finding, recruiting and keeping the best talent. As a founder you need to fundraise, strengthen the science and technology behind your innovation, and take care of the health and well-being of your team and yourself. A wrong hire, in the best-case scenario, could set your company back months. Conversely, a good one could accelerate growth, improve team morale and improve your investment profile.


1 Aug 2019

Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech

The Women Startup Challenge Europe HealthTech will showcase 10 of the best early-stage, women-led healthtech startups from across Europe, and those in the US with a presence in Europe (i.e. your product or app being available, an office, partnership, etc). The program is supported by Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS and cohosted by the Office of the Mayor of Paris.

10 Jul 2019

Effective & Business Value-Oriented Patents

Exclusive command over your innovative technology underpins business success in the biotech and pharma space. Patents, which protect technical advancements are conceivably the most impactful and value-generating instrument in your ‘exclusivity toolbox’. To secure patents which accurately claim and describe the invented technology, dovetail with the existing patent portfolio and implement the overall business strategy, one must tap into diverse knowledge resources within an organisation. To this end, awareness of the key role played by patents and of the patenting process should be widely distributed throughout an organisation, and most certainly within R&D, marketing, legal and management.

28 Jun 2019

Lunch & Learn with Allen & Overy: Legal Challenges of a Start-up

In this workshop, Allen & Overy aims to tackle vital legal challenges a scale up life sciences company might typically face. Rather than giving highly technical advice on one particular issue, the workshop is aimed at providing a bird’s eye overview of attention points and creating appropriate reflexes when being confronted with an issue. In this respect, the workshop aims to tackle issues you might today already be confronted with, as well as issues which might become relevant to your company from a short to medium term perspective.

27 Jun 2019

Lecture: "Hunting for antibiotics and anticancer compounds made by bacteria"

Microorganisms have provided humankind with a vast array of natural products with invaluable applications in medicine and agriculture. The advent of widespread genome sequencing has shown that bacteria have the genetic potential to make many more of these compounds.

27 Jun 2019


28 Jun 2019

Health Tech Platforms: Bringing Innovation to Market

Join early stage companies, Johnson & Johnson experts, investors and enthusiasts in health technology to explore together the state-of-the-art in health tech platforms and how to leverage such innovative solutions for the benefit of patients and consumers.

27 Jun 2019

SYMPOSIUM: Cellular Therapies in Oncology and Beyond: from Drug Development to Clinical Applications

Crown Bioscience and Janssen Pharmaceutica cordially invite you to our second jointly organized symposium, this year discussing Cellular Therapies in Oncology and Beyond: from Drug Development to Clinical Applications on June 27th.

24 Jun 2019


28 Jun 2019

BioBusiness Summer School

BioBusiness Summer School is an introductory course for academics who are contemplating a career switch to industry and young professionals in their first industry jobs. This course will help you jumpstart your business career in the Life Sciences industry. During the five day programme you will learn the basics of the main business topics, such as product development, intellectual property rights, business models and finance. You will also gain insight into the world of Life Sciences companies, meet leading business people and expand your international network.

21 Jun 2019

Workshop: Blockchain in Clinical Trials

Blockchain in Clinical Trials - How and Why Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) are new disruptive approaches

19 Jun 2019

From discovery to submission and beyond - get to know the full Pharmalex portfolio

PharmaLex offers end-to-end integrated services that provide real value to our clients. We welcome you to join us for a half day session which covers, amongst other topics, the introduction of PharmaLex Belgium. Use this opportunity to meet international experts from RA, PV, Clinical Development, CMC Development, Quality, Epidemiology and more, in a professional face-to-face setting and network with peers from the industry.

13 Jun 2019

Advanced & breakthrough therapies: from idea to patient

QbD, Antleron, Inovigate, Eye-Tec, Neuroplast and Anicells would like to invite you to their event on Advanced & Breakthrough therapies. By means of different keynotes that afternoon, they intend to highlight the different aspects of the ATMP-lifecycle.


8 Jun 2019

Info day: I want to learn about the Medical Technology industry

In the frame of the MedTech Week 2019 *, COVARTIM is organizing an Info Day on June 8th with the goal of raising awareness of the medical technology industry specificities among healthcare professionals. Meet our team and learn more about the development of a medical device, how it is put on the market, how is the industry regulated, ...

7 Jun 2019

Free coaching session: I want to develop a medical device

In the frame of the MedTech Week 2019 *, COVARTIM is hosting free coaching sessions on June 7th. Meet our experts in medical devices development and discuss your project.

3 Jun 2019


4 Jun 2019

Emerging Applications of Microbes

We are pleased to announce the first edition of the VIB Conference ‘Emerging applications of microbes’. This international conference will take place June 3rd-4th 2019 in the beautiful historic city of Leuven.

24 May 2019


25 May 2019

Sound of Science

Sound of Science is het allereerste openlucht wetenschapsfestival in België. Denk daarbij aan circustenten, foodtrucks, muziek en véél wetenschap. De eerste editie was vorig jaar meteen helemaal uitverkocht. Daarom gaan we dit jaar zelfs voor twéé festivaldagen: op vrijdag organiseren we een Engelstalige Sound of Science Night en op zaterdag gaan de deuren de hele dag open!

16 May 2019

JLABS Info Session Webinar

Growing to 13 sites across the globe, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS now has a portfolio of over 530+ companies. JLABS offers emerging life science companies modular lab units, office space, shared core laboratory equipment and business facilities. It also links the entrepreneurs with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including opportunities for funding, third-party services, educational events and provides access to R&D experts from medical technology, consumer healthcare product and Janssen pharmaceutical teams.

8 May 2019

3e Job Tasting Day Advipro

Na 2 succesvolle edities in 2018 (zie onze blog hierover) willen we ook in 2019 opnieuw van start gaan met onze Job Tasting Day. Iedereen die op zoek is naar een uitdaging in pharma en Life Sciences nodigen we uit om kennis te maken met ons bedrijf en het A-Team.

25 Apr 2019

KU Leuven | UZ Leuven - Lieven Scheire theaterlezing

LIEVEN SCHEIRE Live in Nerdland: DNA

25 Apr 2019

Genomics Application Platform – Imec.icon results presentation

Over the past few years we’ve collaborated in GAP, a funded project that made clinical genomics cost-effective for daily use in a hospital. Project partners UGent, KULeuven, imec and three companies (Western Digital, Bluebee and Agilent) developed the hardware and software platforms to make whole human genome sequencing cost and time efficient, and ready for clinical and societal use.

24 Apr 2019

QbD Jobday

Onze QbD Jobday komt er weer aan op woensdag 24 april! We nodigen daarom graag iedereen met een wetenschappelijk universitair diploma, die geïnteresseerd zijn in een toekomst bij QbD uit om zich in te schrijven voor deze boeiende voormiddag. Want wat mag je precies verwachten van een toekomst binnen QbD?

23 Apr 2019

Out of the Lab & Into the Newsroom: Media 101

Media coverage can help your company attract investors and build support among key audiences, but what’s the best way to build relationships with journalists? With the advent of social media and the rise of influencer marketing, the most effective strategies for promoting your business have rapidly changed.

17 Apr 2019

Nutrition and the Journey of Cancer

Groups such as the American Cancer Society and the National Institute of Health agree that maintaining good nutrition while going through cancer treatments is essential to how your body reacts and stays healthy throughout treatments. But how do you know which foods are good for your specific treatments and cancer type? Also, can proper nutrition be a vital factor in the prevention of cancer?

4 Apr 2019


This course is designed to explain why regulatory agencies require Validation, as well as the consequences of failing to validate processes & systems. Attendees will gain a broad general background in validation and in addition also the practical application of equipment and system qualification. The course will provide a walk through the different general steps in validation, the concrete steps for qualifying equipment/ systems, the qualification methods and the “key deliverables”. After the training the trainees can apply a basic structure for the necessary qualification documents (protocols/report) and document in a correct way.

2 Apr 2019

Essenscia innovation award 2019

De tweejaarlijkse essenscia Innovation Award is de meest prestigieuze prijs voor industriële innovatie in België. Met deze innovatiewedstrijd wil essenscia de vele innovaties in de Belgische industrie in de kijker zetten en bedrijven stimuleren om te blijven investeren in vernieuwende en duurzame producten en toepassingen.

28 Mar 2019


30 Mar 2019

Stop youth smoking with JLABS

Find a way to prevent young people from getting addicted to cigarette smoking and you could end up partnering with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS and Janssen Pharmaceutica.

26 Mar 2019


It is our pleasure to invite you for an informal drink with plenty of networking opportunities and share our latest news with you. There is also the possibility to visit our facilities.

25 Mar 2019


26 Mar 2019

Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing (3rd edition)

After two successful editions (Jan 2015, Leuven and March 2017, Antwerp), VIB is proud to present the third edition of this Tools & Technologies conference.

25 Mar 2019


26 Mar 2019


Voor nieuwkomers in de industrie, geeft deze opleiding een bewustwording en goed begrip van het belang van een goede hygiëne en het dragen van de juiste kledij in geconditioneerde ruimtes.

21 Mar 2019

BioTech meets Digital

Digital is all around. Also in the biotech industry this evolution is key to develop new applications and to find solutions for primary manufacturing concerns as improving productivity and reducing cost. Biotech industry will continue its evolution towards digitization of processes in development, production and distribution and is looking for the most suitable technological solutions and talent to realize it.

20 Mar 2019


Join us on March 20, 2019 in Brussels for one day fully dedicated to MEDICAL DEVICES. The story of the MedTech Meetup took form in March 2017 with a promising chapter 1: passionate characters full of enthusiasm and eager to learn from and see each other. One year later chapter 2 was successfully written: well known and new faces with the same passion in their eyes. Now it is time for the next adventure; be part of it! Join us for chapter 3 and take the opportunities ahead!

19 Mar 2019

A new generation of Genetically Modified (GM) vaccines: How to overcome the hurdles from bench to practice?

To overcome the limitations of traditional vaccines, the development and use of novel types of vaccines, especially GM based vaccines, are being considered more frequently.

21 Feb 2019


22 Feb 2019

Educational Workshop with PK-Sim® & MoBi® about PBPK Modeling & Simulation for Human Dose Projection and DDI Prediction

SGS Exprimo and the Freie Universitat Berlin will run a two-day, hands-on PK-Sim® & MoBi® workshop on introducing PBPK for human dose projection and drug-drug interaction (DDI) prediction on 21-22 February 2019 at the Institute of Pharmacy, FUBerlin, Germany.

21 Feb 2019


22 Feb 2019

Type 2 Immunity in Homeostasis and Disease

Type 2 inflammation rich in eosinophils, basophils and mast cells and orchestrated by Th2 lymphocytes has been mainly studied in the context of allergies and immune responses to helminths. Since the discovery of type 2 innate lymphoid cells there has been a strong interest in understanding how type 2 immunity is induced and regulated, for example by barrier epithelial cells.

20 Feb 2019


22 Feb 2019

GSK Hackaton

The vaccines industry needs your competencies to build the industry of tomorrow!

12 Feb 2019


13 Feb 2019

ECCRT Data Transparency Conference

Demystifying Clinical Data Transparency: Lessons learnt so far.

17 Jan 2019

3e Job Tasting Advipro

Tijdens deze Job Tasting Day kunnen studenten/alumni kennis maken met Advipro en het Advipro trainingscentrum. Krijg een blik achter de schermen in een gevalideerde cleanroom welke Advipro gebruikt als trainingscenter. Tijdens rondetafelgesprekken krijg je de kans om kennis te maken met enkele projectmedewerkers die meer inzicht geven in het dagdagelijks projectwerk in pharma/life sciences. Nadien kunnen geïnteresseerde kandidaten zelfs ter plekke een sollicitatie interview afleggen met één van de business managers of met HR.

17 Jan 2019

JLABS @ BE Info Session (webinar)

If you are looking to learn more about the JLABS model, our areas of interest, QuickFire Challenges and what the application process is then join us for a "Learn about JLABS @ BE" session!

15 Jan 2019

BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Award

Industriële valorisatie en maatschappelijke relevantie zijn voor de Belgian Industrial Research and Development Board (BiR&D) zeer belangrijk. Daarom organiseert het FWO en het Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique – FNRS, op initiatief van BiR&D, jaarlijks de BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Award, ter bekroning van een doctoraatsthesis die een originele en cross-disciplinaire bijdrage levert met de mogelijkheid tot industriële valorisatie en maatschappelijke relevantie. In 2019 zullen twee prijzen worden toegekend, één in het gebied “Life & Health Sciences” en één in het gebied “Science & Technology”.

11 Dec 2018


13 Dec 2018

Bio Business Winter Retreat - Enhance your career in BioBusiness

Would you like to advance yourself and your career in the BioBusiness? Do you want to increase your insights in the fast-moving Life Sciences industry and gain a better understanding of key success factors for biotech companies? Then join the first edition of the BioBusiness Winter Retreat from 11-13 December in Ghent and invest in your own development and professional career in Life Sciences. This course is part of the recently founded EU-financed Health and Life Science Academy.

4 Dec 2018

BioWin Day 2018

BioWin Day is the international networking event that BioWin - the Health Cluster of Wallonia (Belgium) – organizes once every 2 years. This event is the only one that gathers all stakeholders active in the biotechnology and medical technology sectors in Wallonia.

30 Nov 2018

de clercq & partners annual ip seminar

De Clercq & Partners is happy to announce the programme of our yearly one-day patent seminar, an event that brings together cutting-edge topics and prominent figures from the industry to provide you with the latest developments in Intellectual Property.

29 Nov 2018

Communicating Toxicology: What’s the Risk ?

With no less than about 20,000 dangerous substances registered at the EU level (ECHA, 2018), the issue of risk assessment and risk communication has evolved to an increasingly challenging task during the last decades. Although vast efforts have been invested in the regulation of physical, chemical and biologically hazardous agents, it should be acknowledged that full knowledge is limited to a relatively small part of an exponentially growing market. Further, the risk perception of stakeholders not only depends on the intrinsic hazard or risk in the first place, but also -and in particularly- on external factors, such as media and lobbying, which place the facts into different contexts.

26 Nov 2018


27 Nov 2018

Metabolism in Cancer and Stromal Cells (2nd edition)

During this international Conference we will focus on how cancer and stromal cells metabolically communicate and how their specific metabolism impacts disease development and progression. These cellular metabolism insights will offer novel therapeutic opportunities for malignant, metabolic, or inflammatory disease. In addition, also the impact of ‘omics’ technologies to study cellular metabolism will be highlighted during the meeting.

22 Nov 2018

BCF Career Event - Ghent

BCF Career Event is the largest career fair for Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food & Pharma in Belgium. It is the meeting place for everyone who is or wants to be active in the mentioned sectors. BCF Career Event offers you the opportunity to get into direct contact with a broad range of employers in the sector, but also with other organisations that can help you further in your career.

13 Nov 2018

Kleur bekennen voor de chemie en farma van de toekomst

Paneldebat met de voorzitters van de vijf grootste Vlaamse politieke partijen.
Voorstelling essenscia memorandum verkiezingen 2019.

13 Nov 2018

Why Ya Buggin’ Out? Regulatory Hurdles and Other Obstacles on the Path to Microbiome Market

Along with the enormous promise, there’s a lot of uncharted territory in the world of Microbiome. Separating what we believe we know and what we truly know about the microbiome is essential to directing research and commercialization efforts. From scoping microbiome-based modalities and sourcing new platforms to identifying regulatory strategies and insights there are a number of steps to development and commercialization from both the industry and startup point of view.

13 Nov 2018

Open Innovation Day with Boston Scientific

Are you a high tech SME, an Applied Research Institute or a Start-up offering innovative and breakthrough solutions for medical technologies? Then Boston Scientific, global medical technology leader, wants to explore an active partnership with you.

8 Nov 2018

Lessons in Herding Cats: Business Development for Life Science Companies

The business development professional's purpose is to optimize optionality and long-term value at each stage of a company's life. As a company grows and gains traction, it's easy to get enticed and overwhelmed by the numerous opportunities that arise. How do you determine the direction that will add the most value to your company? How do you avoid the constant pursuit of "shiny objects?" How do you know when it's the right time for a strategic partnership?

8 Nov 2018

Belgium-Korea Pharma-Bio Conference

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium and Mission to the European Union and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency in Brussels (KOTRA) is delighted to invite you to the Belgium-Korea Pharma-Bio Conference on the 8th November 2018 at Le Châtelain Brussels Hotel.

26 Oct 2018

Industry Insiders on the Future of Biopharma/Biotech in Belgium

With over 200 biopharma/biotech companies operating in Belgium (8-10% of all such companies in Europe), the Belgian biopharma/biotech companies account for 16% of Europe’s turnover and almost 10% of R&D expenditure.

Universities played and are playing a key role in technology transfer with strong collaboration between their various departments resulting in intensive exchanges of knowledge and ultimately driving further development in the sector. Spin-off biopharma/biotech companies are springing up all over Belgium with all regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) very active in the sector.

But what is next?

23 Oct 2018

Scale up! It’s time to grow for biotech companies!

Yes, Life sciences and biotech companies are at the top in Belgium.
Yes, they are innovative and they find capital and investors.
But it does not come from a magic wand !

23 Oct 2018

Workshop: Meet the Biobank Experts

If you use human samples or human cell lines for your research, you'll need to register your organisation as an official BIOBANK with FAMHP. What are the different steps? Who should be involved and how?

21 Oct 2018

Biotechdag 2018: Geneeskunde op maat

Kom tijdens VIB biotechdag op 21 oktober in Antwerpen meer te weten over ‘Geneeskunde op maat‘

15 Oct 2018


16 Oct 2018

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum

This free ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum on Data Driven Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology in Frankfurt is open to both large and small companies and aims to inform about ELIXIR resources and create a space to network for industry and academia.

14 Oct 2018

UGent Run4Brain

This year on Sunday October 14th, Vanessa Delacourt will run the ‘20km de Paris’. Already in 1979, 8.000 runners set off at the start of the very
first ‘20km de Paris’. This year an estimated 30.000 runners will attend the 40th anniversary of this prestigious run. The run starts at Pont d’Iena and then heads towards the Bois de Boulogne before reaching the finish line at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Our purpose is to motivate 100 managers and all sympathizers to run with Vanessa.
  • By sponsoring your favourite runner, you support the4Brain Research Team
  • Gifts of 40 euro or higher are tax-deductible
  • Our target is to collect at least 100K.

11 Oct 2018

Immunity for Health

On October 11th 2018 Flanders Vaccine is happy to host its third edition of “Immunity for Health”: the Flanders Vaccine annual flagship event where all stakeholders, both from human and animal health sector, working in the field of immunology, vaccinology, immune-oncology and infectious diseases are invited to meet and interact.

9 Oct 2018

Start with the end in Mind – Healthcare Market Access in the Digital Age

You’re in the early development stages, and of course, you are focused on safety, efficacy and quality of your product; however, positive results in all these areas doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. An often-overlooked hurdle in early product development is a strategic market access plan.

4 Oct 2018

Naturejobs Career Expo London

The next Naturejobs Career Expo will be on October 4th, 2018.

4 Oct 2018


This R&D seminar will address the new early phase clinical trials paradigm through two main topics: "How to choose the right early phase clinical study design" and "Empowering early phase R&D with human challenge trial solutions".

3 Oct 2018

Webinar commercializing on your own: panel discussion with insights from emerging biopharma executives

For any life sciences company bringing its first product to market, the “commercialization to-do list” is long and punctuated by one critical strategic decision after another. What are the variables driving your launch strategy? What tools should you have in place to support marketing and sales? How can you ensure compliant transparency reporting and mitigate risk? Often in as little as 18 months, you’ll need to pull together – or access – an entire commercial organization and infrastructure. So where do you start?

26 Sep 2018

EIT Health Investor Forum

EIT Health comprises a powerful network of entrepreneurs, formal and informal investors, key-opinion leaders and innovation executives that enable and empower the next (international) step of ventures. The EIT Health Investor Network facilitates private capital match with promising investment-ready start-ups and scale-ups.

The EIT Health Partners and the EIT Health Investor Network are pleased to announce the 2018 Investor Forum on 26 September in Leuven, Belgium. The focus will be on Regenerative Medicine / Biotechnology / Food for Health.

25 Sep 2018

Patiëntenparticipatie doorheen de ontwikkelingscyclus van een geneesmiddel

Het FAGG organiseert op 25 september 2018 een symposium over de samenwerking met en voor patiënten. Het agentschap vindt het immers essentieel patiënten te betrekken en meer centraal te stellen in de activiteiten doorheen de ontwikkelingscyclus van een geneesmiddel. Op het programma staan de verschillende initiatieven over patiëntenparticipatie in klinische proeven met als concreet voorbeeld hiervan de lopende pilootprojecten waarbij patiëntenvertegenwoordigers worden betrokken bij de evaluatie van klinische proeven.

20 Sep 2018

SCK•CEN seminar to discover the latest innovations in nuclear medicine

Are you looking for a strategic partner in the field of radio-labelled molecules for imaging and cancer treatment, vector molecules targeting cancerous cells, tools for personalized medicine, radioprotection and dosimetry for healthcare?

20 Sep 2018


21 Sep 2018

Structural Dynamics in Cellular Communication (2nd edition)

This conference will feature current developments in protein science with plenary sessions focusing on macromolecular machines, in situ structural biology, structural engineering & drug discovery and protein function/dynamics.

11 Sep 2018

Bioprocessing in the future: Single-Use and Continuous

Join us on September 11th at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Benelux and Aachen region) for the ultimate networking event in the world of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and bioprocessing. The Single-Use Event will mainly focus on technology development and product development in continuous bioprocessing, cell culture systems and microbial systems.

11 Sep 2018

Single-Use Event 2018: Bioprocessing in the future: Single Use and Continuous

On September 11th suppliers and users will meet at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (Benelux and Aachen region) for the ultimate networking event in the world of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and bioprocessing. The Single Use Event will mainly focus on technology development and product development in continuous bioprocessing, cell culture systems and microbial systems.

7 Sep 2018

Reverse Science Café: What are biobanks?

BBMRI.be and BBMRI-ERIC, the Belgian and European biobank network, cordially invite you to the Reverse Science Café to switch roles. At the Reverse Science Café, we don’t let researchers do the talking, we want you to tell us what you think that is important.

5 Sep 2018


7 Sep 2018

Imaging interactions with fluorescence: from the nano-to-macro scale

Hasselt University cordially invites you to an interesting fluorescence microscopy workshop on September 5 to 7, 2018.

1 Jul 2018


4 Jul 2018


After two successful editions of the CTLS conference (at Institut Pasteur, Paris in 2014 and at EMBL, Heidelberg in 2016), VIB is honoured to organize the 2018 conference in the beautiful and historic city of Ghent.

27 Jun 2018


29 Jun 2018

SLAS Europe 2018

The first SLAS pan-European meeting at the heart of Europe will take place in Brussels in June 2018. The event will bring together over 1,000 Academic and Industry scientists and technologists from throughout Europe and beyond. Discover a very exciting programme that includes 50 scientific presentations addressing emerging and hot areas in Biology, Technology and Discovery.
The conference is also a great opportunity to find out about the latest developments in Instrumentation, Assays, Diagnostics, etc.

21 Jun 2018

Accelerating your healthcare start-up – boot camp selection day

Are you ready to take your healthcare start-up to the next level? This programme will help you get there. In this intensive, hands-on boot camp, you’ll explore business model design methodologies. You’ll have your ideas and business plan challenged by world-class industry, health and finance professionals. And you’ll develop the skills and confidence you need to pitch your idea to potential investors.

20 Jun 2018

SYMPOSIUM: Immuno-Oncology and Inflammation; Discovering New Scientific Frontiers

Crown Bioscience and Janssen Pharmaceutica welcome you at the jointly organized symposium on Immuno-Oncology and Inflammation; Discovering New Scientific Frontiers on June 20th.

19 Jun 2018

Do you have to become officially a BIOBANK under the new Belgian law?

You are a therapeutic or diagnostic company using on a regular basis human tissue samples or human cell lines for you research. You are an academic researcher in regular need of human volunteers to provide you with human samples to do your fundamental research or your clinical work. You assist companies to understand and implement the legal framework Belgian and European legislators have implemented around a human centric and safe dealing with patients and healthy volunteers.

18 Jun 2018


19 Jun 2018

Human Biotech & Animal Health Business Partnering Summit

Following the event's hugely successful launch in Boston, USA, Human Biotech & Animal Health Business Partnering Summit is now coming to Europe.

Traditionally, innovation in veterinary health has come from parent human pharmaceutical R&D pipelines. Within an increasingly independent and mature animal health industry, new routes to innovation are being established. There are a multitude of exceptional technologies in the human health field that could be used in animal health, but currently there is limited contact between the two areas – this summit aims to connect the two industries.

18 Jun 2018


19 Jun 2018

Seminar Financial Accounting and Audit in European Research & Development Funding

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the most significant EU funding programme for Research and Innovation. But which challenges have to be considered when it comes to financial accounting in Horizon 2020 and Marie Skłodowska-Curie and European Research Council (ERC) grants? In the past years, the European Commission has significantly increased the number of audits in the field of research and commercialisation.

12 Jun 2018


13 Jun 2018

The first annual Benelux Precision Medicine Forum

It is an exciting time for healthcare. Moreover, with such a strong life science industry across the Benelux countries there is more and more talk about the promise of a personalised approach to medicine. As such we are pleased to be a partner of an exciting new forum – Benelux Precision Medicine Forum (PMF) - that will take place in Utrecht, June 12 and 13 2018.

6 Jun 2018

Webinar: A comprehensible jumpstart towards gcp computer system validation anno 2018

Since the first publication of GCP guidelines in 1996, many things have changed. That’s why ICH E6(R2) has been modernised with additional recommendations, focusing on computerized systems and their validation in clinical trials. Do you wonder what has changed - and what this means for your company? Then register now for the QbD Webinar on 6 June, which will focus on GCP Computer System Validation.

6 Jun 2018

Research and innovation on monitoring and control of infectious diseases (One Health)

STAR-IDAZ.be, the representation of Belgium in STAR-IDAZ IRC, together with Flanders Vaccine and Enterprise Europe Network Vlaanderen join forces to organize an event to stimulate collaboration between researchers in the field of monitoring and control of infectious diseases (One Health approach). This matchmaking event will offer participants the opportunity to expand their network, find potential collaboration partners with the right expertise, and establish new project consortia.

1 Jun 2018

IEX Beleggersdag

De IEX Beleggersdag is een nieuw event, gericht op de Nederlandse belegger.

Een evenement op een hoger niveau, waar inhoud centraal staat.

Een evenement waar beursgenoteerde bedrijven en professionals hun visie geven op hoe wereldwijde trends de concurrentiepositie van de BV Nederland raken.

Een beurs waarbij particuliere beleggers geïnspireerd raken en concrete informatie verzamelen om op deze trends in te spelen.

27 May 2018

Sound of science

Welkom op het allereerste openlucht wetenschapsfestival van België! Met muziek, tenten, foodtrucks en natuurlijk: véél wetenschap! En dat allemaal op het prachtige domein van Hof Ter Linden.
Sound of Science is dé place to be voor nerds, geeks en al hun (minder geeky) vrienden en familieleden.

24 May 2018


25 May 2018

Medical Biotechnology

With this conference on Medical Biotechnology VIB will bring together experts in the field to discuss the new developments and future challenges in this field.

16 May 2018

Advipro Job Tasting Day

Een jong en dynamisch bedrijf als Advipro is continu op zoek naar talent met een wetenschappelijke achtergrond (check the-a-team voor onze vacatures!) en organiseert daarom op woensdag 16 mei vanaf 15u de A-Team Job Tasting Day in onze GxP Academy te Lille!

17 Apr 2018

Life sciences & health, alle kennis onder één dak

Dinsdag 17 april 2018 wordt het Technologiecentrum, campus Diepenbeek gevuld met multidisciplinaire experten.

10 Apr 2018

Sell Your Science: Best Practices for Developing an Effective Non-Confidential Pitch Deck

It can be tricky to communicate the full potential of your discoveries without spilling the secret sauce. Join us for a session on learning the tricks of the trade in preparing a non-confidential deck and executive summary. Experts of the craft will share practical tips on becoming more effective in communicating your story to investors, increasing your chances of successful fundraising.

29 Mar 2018

Connect met Digital Health Start-ups

Health technology zal een cruciale rol spelen in het betaalbaar houden van onze gezondheidszorg. Innovaties zoals smart health wearables en monitoring gadgets duiken overal op, maar hoe ziet de opkomende industrie er uit?

29 Mar 2018

Seminar: How Real World Data will change your clinical development to the better

With today's technology, electronic data are coming from everywhere: social media, smart phones, activity trackers, electronic health records, insurance claim databases, patient registries, health surveys. This Real World Data (RWD) is having a huge impact on how clinical research is being carried out and we even have not seen the end of it.

15 Mar 2018


16 Mar 2018

Laborama 2018

Laborama Expo is the all-encompassing trade fair for the laboratory sector in Belgium and Luxembourg. With more than 100 exhibitors, visitors will find not only companies that focus on analytical equipment, but suppliers of software, clean rooms, consumables, furniture, reagents, and more.

14 Mar 2018


15 Mar 2018

Rousselot innovation days 2018

Invitation to the Rousselot Innovation Days 2018 at the Expertise Center in Ghent, Belgium. 

The theme of the two-day event, ‘New perspectives in the pharma- & nutraceutical world’, offers you the perfect opportunity to explore new opportunities, gain new insights and grow your business.

8 Mar 2018


9 Mar 2018

Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (2nd edition)

As an integral part of biological research, the field of bioinformatics brings forth innovative computational approaches leading to high-impact results in an increasingly data-dense environment.

8 Mar 2018


9 Mar 2018

Patient centricity in Clinical Research

The development of new therapies and treatments has evolved quickly over the last few years. Clinical trial requirements are more complex and demanding, not only for the industry developing the new medications, but also for patients participating in the clinical trials.

21 Feb 2018


23 Feb 2018

Chemcys 2018

ChemCYS, the Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists, is an international, biennial conference, held in Blankenberge, Belgium and it aims to create a platform for young scientists (Master students, PhD students and post docs) to present early results of their research. We target a broad audience as the topics cover all major fields of chemistry and life sciences. ChemCYS is organised by the youth division of the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (Jong-KVCV), a professional organisation representing all chemists in Flanders.

19 Feb 2018

IMPACT of the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant in industrial biotechnology

ERDF Flanders and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) signed an agreement for an investment of €9,36 million in the frame of the IMPACT project. This investment is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Flanders, the Province of East-Flanders, the City of Ghent and the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. The financing will be used to build up new research infrastructure specifically for gas fermentation and Down-Stream Processing.

25 Jan 2018

Launch Interdisciplinary Program Translational Medicine I³h

Mathias Dewatripont and Michel Goldman have the pleasure of inviting you to the inaugural lesson of the 2018 Baillet Latour Interuniversity Program in Translational Medicine by Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Laureate.

23 Jan 2018


24 Jan 2018

QM Conference: Partnerships in Quality Management

You need a platform for all stakeholders involved in Clinical Quality Assurance? The QM Conference is designed to offer this to you: it will allow to share experience, get insights from seasoned experts and above all facilitate innovation in the way the different parties work together. The first edition of the conference has “Partnerships in Quality Management” as a theme.

18 Jan 2018

Life Sciences & Healthcare Inhouse Day

Always wanted to know what it is like to be an investment banker in the Life Sciences sector?

18 Dec 2017


19 Dec 2017

QualityKick as a worldwide first: QMS offered as a cloud-based, validated software solution for regulated sectors.

Until now, companies purchased quality management systems in a fairly classic manner: as software packages that still needed validation. Today, QbD offers a whole new service, in a worldwide first: QualityKick is now a cloud-based, validated software solution.

14 Dec 2017

Visionary seminar: 'Human Genome Editing: Challenges, New Technologies and Ethics'

Genome editing is a powerful new tool for making precise alterations to an organism’s genetic material. In this way it is possible to edit, add or even delete some of the genetics of plants, animals and humans in a precise, affordable and quick way.

14 Dec 2017

Seminar: How Real World Data will change your clinical development to the better

With today's technology, electronic data are coming from everywhere: social media, smart phones, activity trackers, electronic health records, insurance claim databases, patient registries, health surveys. This Real World Data (RWD) is having a huge impact on how clinical research is being carried out and we even have not seen the end of it.

5 Dec 2017

A Practical Guide to MiFID II

Across Europe, the investment industry is preparing for the introduction of a revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) on 3 January 2018.

1 Dec 2017

De Clercq & Partners seminar 2017

This yearly seminar provides an excellent opportunity to become updated on the latest developments in IP, and to exchange experiences and information with others in your field.

23 Nov 2017

Personalised Medicine - van lab naar patiënt

Door middel van Personalised medicines kunnen we geneesmiddelen afstemmen op de specifieke eigenschappen van de patiënt, en daarmee beloven we een betere en effectievere behandeling. HollandBIO is ervan overtuigd dat de oplossingen die het pad van lab naar patiënt effenen, de oplossingen zijn waar we op in moeten zetten. Dat zijn namelijk de oplossingen waarbij gezondheid, betaalbaarheid en innovatie hand in hand gaan. De praktijk is echter weerbarstig en leert dat er nog verschillende hurdles overwonnen moeten worden om de kansen van Personalised medicines ook daadwerkelijk te benutten. Deze bijeenkomst, georganiseerd door Quality by Design in samenwerking met HollandBIO, belicht naast de kansen ook de uitdagingen op de weg van lab naar patiënt.

22 Nov 2017

Best practices in Aseptic Processing Challenges, Solutions and site visits

ISPE Belgium organizes a technical seminar on Best Practices in Aseptic Processing on November 22, 2017 at Technopolis Mechelen. During this full day program, a number of presentations and case studies will be given by experts in the field of Aseptic Practices – Guidelines and Regulations.

21 Nov 2017

Navarra-Flanders Global Business Bridges

The Delegation of the Government of Navarra in Brussels launches a new initiative called Navarra-Flanders Global Business Bridges, supported by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg and the Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

16 Nov 2017

BCF Career Event - Ghent

BCF Career Event is since its first edition in 2016 the largest career fair for Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food & Pharma in Belgium. It is the meeting place for everyone who is or wants to be active in Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food or Pharma. BCF Career Event offers you the opportunity to get into direct contact with a broad range of employers in the sector, but also with other organisations that can help you further in your career. At BCF Career Event Belgium over 1,200 jobseekers and students are present as visitor.

8 Nov 2017

Dinner with Chef Watson

As Man and Machine become one in the workplace and in our homes, we experience how technology enters our daily lives and changes the way we do things. Bio-tech and life sciences engineers, doctors and researchers know by now that micro moments, big data, AI, VR, robots, IoT, patient centric and self-service applications and devices are emerging. Talent attraction & retention, lifelong learning initiatives and coping skills become critical success factors to allow organisations to grow and stay in business.

7 Nov 2017

2nd Symposium : « Introduction of the Next-Generation-sequencing technology in routine analysis in the Belgian healthcare »

During the second edition of the symposium on the introduction of Next Generation Sequencing technology in routine analysis in the Belgian healthcare system during, the first outcomes of this project will be presented. Furthermore there will be a discussion on some international initiatives with which you could possibly collaborate in order to optimize the treatment of cancer patients in Belgium.

27 Oct 2017

The annual CRIG industrial partnering event

CRIG's annual industrial partnering event will showcase cancer research and related novel technologies in the area of diagnostics, therapeutics, enabling technologies and high-end platforms. This meeting aims to exchange information and enforce multidisciplinary collaboration between industry and academic experts via face to face partnering discussions and networking. 

23 Oct 2017


25 Oct 2017

Bootcamp in Entrepreneurial Innovation in Orphan Diseases

What are the key drivers and resistors for development of diagnostics and therapeutics in orphan diseases? How to build a value proposition and sustainable business plan in this setting? When moving outside R&D, which additional challenges arise? How to design clinical trials and establish strategic partnerships? Which efforts can be undertaken to ensure access and affordability of orphan disease drugs?

21 Oct 2017

Kankersymposium 'Worden alle kankers behandelbaar? Van onderzoek tot hoop'

Na de positieve reacties op het symposium “Borstkanker: Van onderzoek tot hoop” in 2016, presenteren we jou de tweede editie van ons symposium

20 Oct 2017

Immunity for Health 2017

On October 20th 2017 Flanders Vaccine is happy to host its second edition of “Immunity for Health”: the Flanders Vaccine annual flagship event where all stakeholders, both from the human and animal health sector, working in the field of immunology, vaccinology, immune-oncology and infectious diseases are invited to meet, interact and start collaborations.

16 Oct 2017


17 Oct 2017

Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis (2nd Edition) - A VIB TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE


The Next Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis: Tools and Technologies meeting (NGAPA) in June 2015 was a great success and we are pleased to announce the 2nd edition in October, 2017.

10 Oct 2017


11 Oct 2017

Personalised nutrition for better health - targeting the microbiome

Health systems are under increasing pressure due to the increasing incidence of complex chronic diseases. These are often linked to changing demographics and modified dietary patterns. Understanding the functioning of the human microbiome is opening new ways of treating many of such diseases as the microbiome has recently been described as a key biological interface between human genetics, and lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Modulating the human microbiome based on personalised diets for personal health needs, is expected to provide new solutions for better health and boost innovation, leading to positive economic outcomes.

9 Oct 2017


10 Oct 2017

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Data-driven innovation in food, nutrition and the microbiome

The latest Innovation and SME Forum will bring together companies active in the probiotics, food and health sectors to stimulate interaction between companies and academic partners.
The event will be organised as a series of interactive sessions on Data Sources, Tools and Analysis and Integration Challenges enabling microbiome research and innovation. 

5 Oct 2017

Voxdale Co-Creation Days

Join Voxdale on October 5th 2017 for the first edition of Voxdale Co-Creation Days.

3 Oct 2017

Seminarie: Waarom Vlaanderen nood heeft aan een opleidingscentrum voor de farmasector

Wat als Vlaanderen zou beschikken over een gespecialiseerd opleidingscentrum voor de farmasector? Met aangepaste infrastructuur en een ruim aanbod aan opleidingen op maat. Zou dit een extra troef zijn voor de kmo's en internationale ondernemingen in de farma en biofarma in Vlaanderen? Zou dit betekenen dat nieuwe medewerkers sneller inzetbaar zijn op de werkvloer?

28 Sep 2017

Interreg 2 Seas Project DERMA Industrial Matchmaking and Showcase Event

You are cordially invited to attend a free stakeholder matchmaking event on the subject of chronic dermal wounds and wound dressings hosted by the Interreg 2 Seas project, DERMA (www.derma2seas.eu), on the afternoon of 28th September 2017 at the venue De Oude Vismijn, Ghent, Belgium. The event will be followed by a boat trip with refreshments.

28 Sep 2017

OLVZ Aalst User Experience Day

In January, our team hosted the first Experience Day at the UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands. Our next User Experience Day will take place at the OLVZ Aalst in Belgium.

All registrants will be treated to an afternoon of interesting and interactive keynotes by the people of the OLVZ Aalst & the UgenTec product team.

27 Sep 2017


29 Sep 2017

Cell Death and Immunity in Disease: from molecules to translational medicine


The 25th ECDO Conference will be dedicated to one of the hottest topic in biomedical and cell death research; the intersection between cell death and the immune system, which is central to physiological healing responses, key human pathologies and the development of novel therapeutics.

27 Sep 2017


29 Sep 2017

VIBes in Biosciences - International Symposium for PhD students in Life Sciences


The VIBes in Bioscience PhD conference is an initiative from the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) that takes place in Belgium. The organizing committee consists of motivated VIB PhD students, who bring together young and ambitious scientists from all over the globe to enjoy a series of training workshops and a top-quality conference. Selected speakers are renowned in different Life Sciences research fields such as inflammation & immunology, plant biology, cancer biology, structural biology, neuroscience and microbiology.

27 Sep 2017


29 Sep 2017

Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications conference

To celebrate 10 years of polymeric biomaterial research at the Ghent University, the Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials Research Group organises the AMBA 2017 conference on “Advanced Materials for Biomedical Applications”. The conference has confirmed contributions from a set of renowned international academic speakers from Germany, UK, Ireland, Japan and Canada. Come and learn more about this new and challenging research field of the future. 

21 Sep 2017

ALTIUS Pharma & Life Sciences seminar

In cooperation with the World Services Group Patent Law and Life Sciences Workshop, ALTIUS will host a seminar on the latest ‘hot’ topics in the life sciences sector, including the upcoming GDPR and its implications. This event will offer the opportunity to connect with sector professionals from all around the world.

14 Sep 2017

Visionary seminar: 'Regenerative Medicine: Growing the Future'

A regenerative medicine hotspot is emerging in The Netherlands and Flanders. What visions drive research and valorisation efforts? Two expert moderators will explore the visionary potential of eight eminent speakers and panelists from The Netherlands and Flanders, covering the entire value chain from the research community and clinicians to start-ups and big companies. 

14 Sep 2017

GREEN-CHEM: towards small footprint solutions

We believe the future of chemistry is green. By using more sustainable, renewable and biodegradable materials we can create better and safer chemical products and design more efficient and sustainable processes to synthesize them.

Only by building a global collaboration and knowledge sharing model can we achieve those goals.


8 Sep 2017

Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research

With this prestigious scientific award, Johnson & Johnson wishes to honor one or more scientists in academia or in business, who strive(s) to achieve the same high standards as Dr. Paul Janssen did with regard to innovation and leadership.

28 Aug 2017


30 Aug 2017

Symposium on Liquid Biopsies & Cancer

With this symposium, we intend to gather all current and future users of liquid biopsies, and anyone with a clinical or basic scientific interest in this exciting and burgeoning field. The multidisciplinary audience will consist of oncologists, pathologists,clinical chemists, geneticists, organ specialists with an oncological focus…but also basic scientists and researchers from biotech and pharma industries.

18 Jul 2017

QBD Webinar on validation of mobile apps

Today’s mobile world brings countless new possibilities to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Think only of mobile apps that are used to exchange data between scientists, doctors, patients and participants in clinical tests. Or health apps, which enable us to monitor patients better than ever.

23 Jun 2017

Launch event of the Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre @ UHasselt

New optical imaging instrumentation has recently been acquired by the Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED), with support of the FWO-Hercules foundation and the province of Limburg. This acquisition consolidates the forefront position of UHasselt in advanced live-cell and dynamic optical microscopy and opens the path to optical super-resolution microscopy.

15 Jun 2017


16 Jun 2017

At The Forefront Of Plant Research

Understanding and exploiting plant life lies at the heart of human civilization. Not only do we rely on plants to feed a growing world population and to improve our standard of living, plants also play a pivotal role in providing a significant portion of our energy needs, and in fulfilling our demand for renewable industrial resources. It is expected that technological advances will further boost crop productivity and quality in a wider range of applications. In addition, new technologies will enable the development of agricultural practices that are in better harmony with the natural environment.

13 Jun 2017

Towards the Future: Synergizing Efforts for the Next Generation of Cell Therapeutics

The use of cells to cure disease is rapidly gaining momentum. Nevertheless, the development of cell-based therapies has been impacted by the complexity of the product, i.e. both biological and logistical/manufacturing challenges, and the cost.

17 May 2017

Life sciences remuneration seminar

During this session, we will discuss the latest trends in executive remuneration, corporate governance, as well as how to incentivise the sales force.

16 May 2017

3th BMIC Congress

On Tuesday May 16th, 2017 the Belgian Molecular Imaging Community is organizing its third congress in the Academy Palace in Brussels. 

15 May 2017

Hospital 3D printing conference - Save the date

These last few years have seen spectacular progress in the medical sector thanks to 3D printing.
The printing of models, surgical guides and implants is already happening on a large scale within the industry.
The most exciting thing about 3D printing however is that you too can print within your own hospital’s walls.

11 May 2017

BCF Career Event - Utrecht

BCF Career Event is for many employers an appreciated medium to get their vacancies under the attention of high educated talent. The event offers a.o. (PhD) students, postdocs, and (young) professionals the opportunity to meet relevant employers, listen to interesting speakers in the programme, do CV checks, have personal career advice etc. With annually more than 2000 visitors and 100 participating companies, BCF Career Event is a unique place for employers and jobseekers within Bio/Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food and Pharma. 

10 May 2017

2017 IIBN Forum - Biotechnology: from Innovation to Industrial Production

In many parts of the world a knowledge-based bio-economy is emerging using eco-efficient bio-processes and renewable biological resources to create new value chains. These innovations are enabled by unprecedented advances in biotechnology offering new technological solutions for sustainable agricultural development and the production of food, feed, fiber, energy and improved health care from renewable biomass or underutilized biological resources.

9 May 2017


This course aims to provide participants with a strong insight in how drugs are developed, and how you can successfully make the transition from lab to clinic. This meeting encompasses a theoretical plenary morning session with expert lectures and discussions, and in the afternoon, practical workshops where the participants will apply the lessons learned on actual case studies.

9 May 2017

Infosessie Financiële steun voor innovatieve ondernemers

Wil je met je bedrijf groeien door te innoveren, transformeren of internationaliseren?
Zo’n ambitieuze ondernemersprojecten zijn vrij risicovol en vergen veel kostbare tijd en middelen. Aan de andere kant kunnen ze wel een grote meerwaarde opleveren voor zowel jou als ondernemer als voor de Vlaamse economie. Net daarom geeft de Vlaamse overheid je hiervoor graag een financieel duwtje in de rug.

2 May 2017


3 May 2017

Phase Transitions in Biology and Disease

In the past few years the concept of protein phase transitions has taken the field of cell biology and protein biochemistry by storm. The initial discoveries were met with great enthusiasm as they provide the rationale for the formation of membrane-less organelles, such as stress granules, processing bodies and RNP bodies, in biology and human disease. By studying the biophysics of the involved proteins, it was shown that this process could be modeled by liquid-liquid demixing, also making the connection of such liquid compartments to characteristic protein aggregations observed in numerous neurodegenerative diseases. Whereas this is perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs in these fields in recent years, key questions remain to be addressed towards the goal of fully understanding their functional properties in the cell and targeting them in proteinopathies.

27 Apr 2017

Data Transparency in Pharma R&D - Update on Policy 70 and first practical experiences

This seminar will be unique in its kind. It will bring senior experts together in a lively discussion on the status quo of the recent Data Transparency requirements for the pharma industry. General background, legal framework and industry point of view will be presented. Additionally we will have the voice of the patient represented. Breakout sessions in small groups will ensure engagement of the audience in sharing experience, expressing concerns and look for solutions together.

21 Apr 2017

Symposium on Sepsis

Inflammation is the first response of the immune system to infection or tissue injury, leading to protection of the body against these insults. However, chronic inflammation forms the basis of several diseases such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, multiple sclerosis and even certain forms of cancer.

18 Apr 2017

Academia-Industry Connect Meeting: Knowledge Valorisation: Matching science and market needs

3 Oct 2016


12 Jun 2017

Basisstatistiek voor onderzoekers - POSTACADEMISCHE OPLEIDING

Wetenschappelijke coördinatie:
Prof. Jean-Pierre Ottoy,
Vakgroep Wiskundige Modellering, Statistiek en Bio-Informatica